My Custom templates does not appear anymore

Hello, I have developed custom template for express list and i placed them in this directory : /concrete/blocks/express_entry_list/templates All this worked very well and I could, from the block edition, define the template that showed me correctly my…

Menu bar item can't be seen

I added a page to my menu bar. It only is displayed when I am in edit mode. I have saved changes but it will not show up when I am not in edit mode. In other words no one can see it. Please help

page list block in V8

I would like to have some or all of the content of a listed page shown. I think I did this in older versions but I lost my notes on that site. I want to access "Area('Main')" from my pages listed in the panelist block. Any guru help for the Version 8 str…

Cannot delete block.

After clicking on delete block. Normally I get a pop-up venster with Cancel or Delete. On some site now I don't see the venster it seems to be out side the page. How can I get to the venster. Thanks for your help.

Offer help - what kind of block do you want?

Let's kick off a topic of what this forum category should be - what kind of block do you want? I've recently had some spare time and developed a few blocks. Some have already been released, some are under PRB review. And I ran out of ideas. Although…

How can CSS error in Supermint 3 be fixed?

Don't see any email associated with the developer, but I assume someone in Concrete5 can fix an error in the CSS (.less files). The themes/supermint/css/presets directory contains various .less files included into .less files in the directory above. In…

form is not appearning when I am dropping my block to page

Hello, I have developed an addon in which I have a block, named as Lead captured form. When I drag and drop the block on the page, the progress line on top disappears after little progress and nothing work onward as expected. It should open a form adde…

SM Feed Add-on?

Looking to imbed the most recent tweet and FB post from our public accounts on the c5 site. We had an add-on for twitter many years ago, but its no longer working. Can't find any current add-on, except Easy Social Feed- But that seems to have been rece…

clipboard not working

After update of our side on version 8-8.2.1 it is not to be copied possibly blocks into the clipboard. Though it is indicated - The block was added...., but then the clipboard cannot be selected.

Search box as Tracking

Hi Guys i would like to ask if someone can assist /help where can have a block that is search box for tracking like the one we use on couriers tracker? Thanks

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