Ajax request with Routing

I am developing a block . i am trying to call Ajax functionality with below code [code] public function on_start() { parent::on_start(); Route::register( '/my/ajax/load_data', 'Concrete\Package\*packageName*\Block\*blockName*\Controller::load_d…

theme deployment

how to deploy theme with code and database both from local pc to live server?

Who can port this to C5?

http://www.sitepoint.com/jetpack-publicize-social-sharing/ I'm looking for these very same features to begin a project with multiple sites. I began building it myself, but found that WP had virtually the same thing I was building already in the Jetpac…

Search field

Hi C5 experts, I'm looking for a search field like in the top of the C5 bar. I have installed a nice search add on ... but I would like to have such a search field like above. Anyone ideas? My current website is test.stefanvandesande.nl There you f…

Application Form for Artist Registration

Hi, This is a repost and am hoping that this is ok. I am after an add-on that can be used by artists to sign up for our festival. At the moment I am using google docs - please see link for an example - a few Fringe Festivals are using this but if the…

Events Calendar

Hi, I am reposting this here as suggested to hopefully get a better response. I am hoping that someone can please advise on this. Am looking for an add-on events calendar that offer month, weekly, day, stream / agenda (with pictures), posterboard vi…

vivid carousel

Hello I tried the vivid carousel on 5.7 for an "offers" page of a site and it suited me just fine. It would be nice though to have an autoplay / loop function. Can this b done easily with code or option? Thank you in advance George

creating custom block in concrete5.7.5.6

I have found "Class 'BlockController' not found" when I create custom block om my system how to solve this error please help me and let me know

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