Custom block Type for image and text together

i need a custom block type in which i could add image and text toggether. like image on left and text on right. i'm not good in php so i'm having difficulties. thanks in advance :) regards zia

Shibboleth based authentication support

Hi, is there any support for Shibboleth for the last released version of Concrete5? Do you have any suggestion on how could I proceed in order to get my installation work with shibboleth? Thank you all.

Popup on page load

Hi, I want a pop up to appear once a certain page loads, I'm trying to find an addon that can do that but can't find one, is there an addon that i missed? if not, is there a simple way to do so since I'm not that good with development? Thank you …

Issue with a block

Firstly - not sure where to post this - apologies if I chose the wrong forum. I have a block called Simple Event (which i can no longer find in the Add-ons but still works on my site, When I click on it to try to go to the block page I get logged out.. T…

survey results sent immediately to my email account

Hello! I love being with Concrete5. What I want is an add-on that will be a short survey, such as to ask for their email address and their name. Then when they click, I want the survey results (their email address & name) sent immediately to my email a…

zoomer add on

When viewing my web site,, on a phone or a tablet I cannot finger scroll if I am touching an image. I have used the "Zoomer" add on for the images. Is there a fix for this?

Issue with the Image Slider Block

I recently was having issues using the core Image Slider block. Nothing major but it had to do with wth Slide Transition Speed & Maximum Slide Width. After looking at the form_setup_html.php, I found a mistake on line 306. The form input field is setting …

improvement of: Tags / Pagelist / Blog&Portfolio / composer

hey guys! wonderful job! just a few ideas to make the blogs better: - first: adding a tag cloud, for "Display a List of Tags From" it would be wonderful to have a third possiblility like "Get the Tags from beneath a special site". Background: i have…

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