Google map premium is not available for version 5.7?

I currently have Concrete5.7 installed and when I try to add Google Map Premium in there, it initially didn't show up at all in the Add On page. And then when I manually added it, it threw an error saying "Unknown Package" Is Google Map Premium not co…

Guestbook withimage post

I am look for a guestbook with image post facility, looked everywhere but unable to find what I am looking for. Can anyone help me please.

avatar maker

I need an avatar maker that I can put on my concrete5 website that my users can use to create avatars, I want my user to be able to pick and choose facial features from a list that I have prepared.

Site Traffic Statistics for 5.7

Although third-party services like Google Analytics or Clicky can easily work with Concrete, I would like to see a self-contained package for tracking site activity, such as number of page views, traffic sources (referring urls), search terms, and others.…

Base Url

var CCM_BASE_URL = ""; How do I change it to ?

Problem with Add-ons

I installed some image gallery to my Concrete5 from Dashboard and next I delete it. When I want to install this Gallery again from add-ons, I can`t see it in the list of application to install ... Why? How to make it visible? Once uninstalled plug-in…

desperate need for extended form add-on

For many sites to convert to 5.7 i would need a more extended form then the core-form. And i guess a lot of users with me. For now there is only the Formify add-on. This one has a lot of great options, except they don't work yet and there's no time-pat…

can not modify content

Hi everybody. It`s my first post and Concrete5 challenge. I did everything to be able to modify the contents of text on my test webpage, but something is wrong. Language of this version is Polish :) Please look at this screen shots. I have this, when …

Random Image - Display Image Text with Image

Looking for a way to add the 'Title' from the image properties as a caption on the random photo. Does anyone have any good recommendation how to do this?

How to update the version of an add-on manually?

How to update the version of an add-on manually? Blocks (add-ons) free, are not automatically updated in Concret 5.7. Why? How to update the version of an add-on manually?

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