Application Form for Artist Registration

Hi, This is a repost and am hoping that this is ok. I am after an add-on that can be used by artists to sign up for our festival. At the moment I am using google docs - please see link for an example - a few Fringe Festivals are using this but if the…

Events Calendar

Hi, I am reposting this here as suggested to hopefully get a better response. I am hoping that someone can please advise on this. Am looking for an add-on events calendar that offer month, weekly, day, stream / agenda (with pictures), posterboard vi…

vivid carousel

Hello I tried the vivid carousel on 5.7 for an "offers" page of a site and it suited me just fine. It would be nice though to have an autoplay / loop function. Can this b done easily with code or option? Thank you in advance George

creating custom block in concrete5.7.5.6

I have found "Class 'BlockController' not found" when I create custom block om my system how to solve this error please help me and let me know

shifting 3 columns

I have a lot of text in the page and and the end I make 3 columns next to eachother, then I want to shift those to the top of the text, BUT I can only shift one by one and at the top it is not a 3 column row anymore, what I am doing wrong???

Email Blocks

Are there any email collection blocks that work with concrete5 5.7? Opt in won't support it and I can't find anything else.

google map - concrete 5- last release

i can't give this adress : Пл. 33 км, Электроугли, Московская область, Россия but it's run in google map! what can i do? thank's

Image slider's inside image fills the whole slide

Hi, I've been testing a bit concrete5 (, especially the image slider but I can't seem to do what I want. I want the image that is in the slider to fill it completely, like having no background. On the picture if the image in the slide is the…

Form with comfirm message

Hello Concrete5 members, I am looking for a form that sends a confirm to the sender. I searched in the addon section but I couldn't find anything. Does anybody know if there is an addon like this or an easy tutorial? It's for Concrete5.7

Direct Poll

Hi all Is there somehow a way to include a tool like that: I am looking for a live poll tool, which works with c5. Many thanks

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