Recent uploads block

Hi, I need a block for 5.6 that will show the latest files uploaded to file manager on the front end It needs to be in a table layout with Filename - Username - Date the filename needs to link to the appropriate file. Nice to have would be if …

embedded pdf preview visibility problems- can't open the file

I've been running into my share of issues lately- wondering if I can keep the 3 for three solution record going. Not sure if google doc viewer problems are a 3rd party affair, regarding support, but I think it is a C5 issue for sure. Made a couple of …

file size upload limits

Hi- Is there a way to upload a pdf larger than 33 mb to file manager? Settings or workaround? Much obliged! Stephen

Form improvements in v8 - Approve/Reject

In the new forms in v8, and the workflows that you can do with them, is there any way that we can approve/reject submissions? Let's say it's a bunch of people applying to be part of a play on stage. edit: some clarification Okay, so the plugin "form…

displays the content of variable

Hello, In jobs, how can I dispaly the content of a variable. Or what the equivalence of var_dump, echo or print_f I want to use it in function run() of my class in the job. Thank you for help

Execute a job to add new page

Hello all, I want practice "Adding a New Page Programmatically", but my job can't create my test page. [code] [/code] Thank you for help.

Blank theme

I am trying Concrete 5 and I have one major problem. I chose the full and I thought, blank theme, but it has blocks that I cannot find any way to delete. I want a totally blank theme with no blocks. I want to design my site totally like I want it and h…

Add Google Maps API key

How can I add my Google Maps API key to a maps block? Without an API key, the maps block diplays: Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn't load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details. I read here https://www.…

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