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I would like to meet up amidst a person open to snatching another involved in informative issues about our situation, get in touch me over my site whenever you see the same.

Automated Jobs not working

Hello, I have made custom job. It is use xml file. I install this job but not work. I give us the code, and please can you tel me where I made the mistake : [code] RESULTSET->ROW as $pfl) { $data = array( 'cName' => $pfl->COL[1]->DATA…

Download Block

A better download block is needed with the folloowing features: - External Hosting - Allow items download to be hosted at external URLs such as dropbox, drive, or other locations. Unlimited site hosting is only unlimited until you reach the limit. …

login block

I am building a site for a writer's workshop. Member-writers get access to a private sector on the site where they can post and discuss their work-in-progress. Guests to the site can visit the public sector of the site to read the finished work of the mem…

Slider that allows you to add files by set

I am really lazy with clients and when I need to bosh in image sliders 5.6 used to let you add whole image sets in a flahs. 57 is so boring and slow, surely we could have the old functionality of adding image sets and randomising back in? PLEASSSSSEEEE…

mass email out

Does Concreate5 have a mass email out block? I know it can connect to mailchimp, but i do NOT like going via a 3rd party system.

uploading new images

I can't upload new images anymore. When I select "block" and then "image" the new field will open but the options "select" and "upload" have completely disappeared from this field.

Carrousel Block

Hello, I use an Elemental Theme and i have a image carrousel. My image jpg has 2000x2000px but a block has very small. How to extend a carrousel up to 1920px (widescreen). I try to allow 1920px in options but nothing change. Thanks!

Call to action / Sign-in to view or download

Hi I am looking for a way to provide a "Free" (wink, wink!!) ebook or whitepaper from my website, in exchange for their email. I know that there is a way to create a members area in C5. I don't need to keep and manage members accounts. Just a quick n…

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