Filtered Image Upload

Does anyone know of an add-on that has filters? For example; a fan wants to upload a photo and/or but the image is not appropriate or there is bad language, how can I filter it without having to manually go in and remove potentially offensive material tha…


Hey, I'm new to Concrete 5 I wanted to know if you can get a addon to know when someone is trying to hack into your website. My friend has it but she is on wordpress. Thanks P.S I think I put this in the right forum.

Using Packagist with Blocks

So I am in the process of starting development on a new block. As part of that I am going to use two packagist components using composer. Does any one have any experience or guidance with how to do this. I guess specifically I am worried about usin…

Comments Block

Is there a problem with the COMMENT Block? The COMMENTS Block on my websites appears only in default style.

Social Feed - Multiple feeds

I was wondering if is it possible to add multiple Facebook feedbacks. can this be done?

Forms with horizontal fields

This is a bit urgent... Creating a site for a friend that needs a particular type of form layout. I just can't use the standard 'one field under the other field' type form layout as the damned page will end up stretching to hell! Is there a block…

don't read about email and forms

Okay, thanks for taking the time to read my question below: I am with a school district and am trying to create a form that will allow parents to choose a teacher and type a message/question with a submit button. I have not seen anything to this point…

Download File Set jpg files Block

I am looking for a way to add a block where our clients can download all files from the file set that are already in the file manager. Either to a folder on their end or it downloads a zip file. Is this possible or does any one know of a way to do this th…

Email Notification of Registration Form Block

Created "form block" to register new members - in "options" checked the "send email" for persons submitting registration form and no email notices are sent. Am I missing something? Thanks, John

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