Email Notification of Registration Form Block

Created "form block" to register new members - in "options" checked the "send email" for persons submitting registration form and no email notices are sent. Am I missing something? Thanks, John

Next & Previous Nav Block Question

Is it possible to have the parent page included in the next/previous text? For example, I can add the text as "Previous Post" or "Next Post" no problem. What I'd like to do is have the parent page reflected in the title somehow. For example: "Previ…

How Can We Change Address/ Add Addresses Dynamically

How can we update/add addresses straight into the database without actually importing a CSV? We have variables that must be met by our dealers in order for them to be able to show up on the site. So, we are thinking of possible having a script that wi…

Google Map Problem

Hello All, I am facing a problem in the google map C5 block were it is normally displayed when i am logged in to edit the site, and it disappears when i sign out. This is the page link i am trying to edit.…

jquery next block

OK I installed c5 for a frend and he wants to be able to have a next button for the content on one page he has a top 10 on this page he wants to be able to change the content like jquery tabs or something like that is there a way to make just a block of …

Would love a great new simple booking form with timeslots

I've tried to manage this with ProEvents and ProForms. But some basic functions are missing. So that's why I would love to hear when someone is going to develop, or developed a great simple booking form. One that's not only simple for the customers, but a…

Internationalization Add-on

Internationalization Add-on Can change url to any language such as toเกี่ยวกับเรา

Problem with 'Background Image' add-on

I've installed 'Background image' add-on and when I chose a picture and took confirmed, all pages on my site were became white, even login page is white, blank, it's all white. Please help me? I can not sing in to my page.

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