RC 8.2.0 Released

In case you missed it https://www.concrete5.org/about/blog/community-blog/first-public-release-candidate-820-now-available

Image slider

Hi I'm using the supermint theme. Whenever i use the image slider, i cannot get it to display a full size image. It will just show the top 20% of the picture. I want the slider to be full width, so i'm not putting the block into a layout area, I'm putt…

Mobile theme on iPad / tablets

Does anyone know how to force tablets to use the mobile theme of a concrete site, rather than it load the desktop version? I'm using supermint thanks in advance

Center an image within block

Hi all, I am trying to work out how to center an image in a block. Any help on this would be very welcome. Thanks Darren Apologies if I have double posted this I cant tell.

Adding Users to Access a Concrete Site

I recently added some additional users to access their website to handle some ongoing updates rather than myself, the Admin, having to do so. However, when they log into the site, they do not see the Dashboard at the top of the browser window. I assumed t…

Error and site down - Help!

Hi All, I got an error on a 5.8 site today and its killing me. "An unexpected error occurred. Allowed memory size of 536870912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 248566326 bytes)" The site was working fine yesterday, but today nothing works - all …

Best way to setup snip cart

Hello, Just wondering if anyone has setup snip cart in a way that you can enter your products into the database? I am new to both snipcart and concrete5, I have the snipcart add on but cant see a way to bulk- upload anything, nor sort the products, so …

html code still showing after publish

Hi all, Ive added a html code to page and when I publish the page it shows the desired button the html created. However the code is published and seen along with the button. Any feedback on this would be great ! Thanks Darren

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