simple stuff

How do you add a hyperlink (Payment Center) to main Navigation line? I want to make it simple to click a Navigation item like Contact US and lead the client to an off-site payment form.

Language switcher using 302

I am using the language switcher and it is using urls like fr-ch/switch_language/280/290/53 instead /fr-ch/faux-bob and it is using a 302 I either need it to use nice URLS or use a 301 redirect, any ideas?

appointment booking system

Hi Anyone know of a appointmnet / booking system add on to use for hotels or restaurants etc. Thanks

This site does not appear to be a concrete5 site.

Hej I am pretty new to Conrete5 but the website I am editing exists already for a longer time. As I wanted to add a few addon-ons from the Conrete5 Marketplace I need to submit a showcase site. Unfortunatly I get the error message: "This site does…

Need help removing code from Conversation Block email headers

Hi everyone, I have reached out a couple times in different places to see how to deal with removing the very distracting (and annoying) code that shows up in emails when users who have subscribed to a conversation block get an email notification. Here's…

How to recover admin details from only database

Hello, I want to know that which database is related with which admin details as well for which domains, it's related; since I have more than 5-databases of "Concreate5" on my server but at present only two databases is currently running. So; How can I …

Origins & Vision

With the new year rolling, I just put this video together with some thoughts about where we're coming from and heading to. Would love to hear your thoughts.

paypal card payments

Can anyone advise? I am working on an ecommerce website for a client, its using 8.5.4 with the latest community store and paypal plugins, what I need to support in addition is paypal Card Payments, can this be done with this plugin or can anyone recommen…

Membership Add On

Can I ask some advice from anyone who has added a membership addon to there site? I want a simple user login/registration for the site without any payment system... just so that I can utilize forum etc without the need to monitor member input etc. Cheers

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