How to give this div a slow fade in / fade out

Hey Concrete5 members, I installed this addon Vivid simple accordion but I want to give it a a slow fade in / fade out (transition). Can anyone help me with that?

Website Builder Package for 5.7

One thing I want to be able to do is create a website builder SAAS (software as a service), using Concrete5 as the platform (but whitelabel with my own brand). Currently, there is no package available that offers an automated solution. These are the …

Have you ever heard of LABjs?

I've just found it, I might add... I'm no expert on DOM, to be honest, but it sounds very interesting to me. See for more info. Cheers

Error with Workflow

Hi All I am just having a play around with a new install of When I go to the Workflow tab I get an error as follows: Call to undefined method Concrete\Core\Workflow\Progress\Progress::`mtg'[email protected] *udo~n1sz[^5() This is a brand new a…

Invalid form token

HI, I am getting this error "Invalid form token. Please reload this form and submit again" when trying to log into my site. Can someone shed some light on this please ? Thanks

Updating New Domain Extensions in Concrete5

I have a client on a 5.6 site that is trying to add a user with an email address that ends with .solutions. Concrete5 is rejecting the change as an invalid email address, although it is valid. I've looked around in the documentation and in the forms an…

I love and hate C5

To me it looks like a brilliant project - half finished. I can not do coding or take selfie's photos of myself,To be fair , I am an imbecile. I have very mixed feelings about C% right now . Am I wrong? regards

Tricky 301 Redirect - CASH FOR HELP!

I used "SimpleCast" for years on my site and used the follow as my RSS feed. I have since moved my podcast to Libsyn, but I need to do a …

New Concrete5 v5.7 theme available

Hello, We have a new theme available in concrete5 marketplace. Buy it now! Bold Elegant v5.7 Theme theme is just BOLD and ELEGANT, gives your visitors an "AWESOME" experience. It is built using HTML5 and CSS3 it is good for corporate, portfolio, maga…

Enable Gravatar Image by default

Hi Guys, I think it would be nice to enable the Gravatar image for Users by default. Looks better than the placeholder ;-) I can't find a reason why it has to be disabled by default (I know that it will be used with my email address). Best, Tors…

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