Nav Bar on page

Hi, I manage our company website. I was wondering what exactly the red nav bar is called and also where i can edit this as I would like to add a login name in addition to the two logins we have. Thank you!

Question about File Sets

So I've started working on a website that uses concrete5 that was not originally mine. There area lots and lots of files in the file manager. I'm trying to determine how many of them are already organized in the file sets so that I know: What files I h…

Join the PRB

The PRB is the volunteer group who review and approve new marketplace submissions. If you see the tick 'Approved by PRB' next to an item in the marketplace, the addon or theme has been reviewed and tested as good enough for the marketpolace. The commun…

C5 safe?

Hi did you read "" ? Is C5 safe or is it also affected? Olaf

Header Image in Composer

Hi guys, I am trying to add the header image from Composer to a custom page list, could someone tell me what the handle is for this image? Thanks,

Problem with thumbnails in gallery (same size!)

Hi, i want to create an image gallery where all the thumbnails are the same size (squares). I tried the deluxe image gallery addon, but that doesn't work out (check the attachments). Am i doing something wrong? Or is there a good addon for this?

Variable Image Size Slider

Hi, Is there a slider block/addon for images that have a variable width and height? Lets say i can give the sliderbox a maximum width and height. So that the images in the box keep their aspect ratios and the rest is filled up with black for example…

Stack Disappeared for guests after upgrade

OK upgraded to on one of my sites that has been updated for the last 2 years and now the store information stack will not appear for guests. I have switched around permissions a few times in the stack and block, but no go. Works fine as admin. A… 403 Forbidden Errors

I keep getting "blocked" from different areas here on I am seeing "you do not have access to view this page" messages, which seems to be happening mostly in the forums (after searching the site), on my profile area, and other random places.…

Can't upload pictures

Hello, I am trying to upload a picture and when I try to I get the following error: An unknown error occurred while uploading the file. Please check that file uploads are enabled, and that your file does not exceed the size of the post_max_size or uplo…

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