Site url has concrete5.6.3.3 appended; how to remove it?

When I started building my site, I didn't think about the "" URL that was going to be displayed to the user. In all of my new sites, I have moved the contents of the unzipped "" file under the root directo…

Faster VPS for Concrete5 CMS

Hi Everyone I'm looking for a VPS hosting server for installing & testing Concrete5 CMS. Any recommendation other than known hosts. My precise requirement if high performance. -- Regards Saurabh

Great support!

Just wanted to say that Concrete 5 forum support is excellent! I started the process of migrating my site from Wordpress to Concrete5 about a week ago. I knew there would be a few problems along the way (mostly to do with my lack of knowledge), but…

EZ Paypal for 5.7 is Here

I have a new addon for 5.7 now available. EZ Paypal alows you to put either a Buy Now, Donate, or subscribe button on your page. I've also got a special offer going where you can save $10 on 3 of my paid 5.7 addons.…

HTTPS Issues

I am having some trouble with my https. I recently enabled https for my website. It seems to work but a few photos show up as not being directed through https. I tried looking at some previous help guides but I think they were for earlier versions of conc… login redirect to www when BASE_URL defines otherwise

PLEASE IGNORE THIS POST. I WOULD DELETE IT IF I COULD. Thanks for looking however. I have a website I've developed in Concrete5 for a client that uses I've set the BASE_URL in the config/site.php to exclude the www portion of the URL. However,…

User login reports

Is it possible to generate a report, showing all the logins (with date) of a particular user? Currently I can see number of logins, and date of last login, but I need to show each login for one particular user. Thanks!

Emailed form responses not working

My developer is away on holiday and one of the sites we developed is storing form responses in the backend, but not sending the emails to the addresses stipulated on the site. Any ideas how to solve this issue please?

Question regarding buying eCommerce

Hey There, Not sure if its the right place to ask it... i dont know what it mean to "Buy ONE" and "Buy FIVE" If i buy an addone with "Buy ONE" am i able to use it in as much website as i want? or just one website? PS I'm new to concrete5, and im …

Trying to reach "Windhack"

I have posted a question on PayPal Buttons help page with no response. I have sent two (2) emails in the past 10 days, with no response! What does it take to get him to respond to my posted question or answer the emails?

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