My web host, InMotion, ran some scans today as a result of some issues I was having. They found four areas where I may have been hacked. ./http:/southregionstars.com/dir/translations/French.txt ./http:/southregionstars.com/dir/translations/French-…

File Manager not uploading

Hallo, I'm running, and for some reason I can't fathom the File Manager has stopped uploading anything. It doesn't give me any error messages; the little flickering grey boxes which indicate that the upload is in progress just keep flickering, …

Bear League

I'm not sure what I did wrong but as on the screenshot thought the number 2 rank should 1st instead because goals conceded.

Downside of concrete5

Concrete5 is quite good CMS, however in my opinion documentation is a mess, when you are learning it it's really ugly to find what you are looking for, because learning information is a big mess, there is no place where all functions would be organized an…

Indian Summer Deal - Marketplace Special Offer

I have a special offer going on for the next week. Save $20 on three of my paid addons! Offer ends on October 4. http://www.concrete5.org/offers/-/9tpdfeex6yj1/ Deal includes: Social Timeline, SEO Analyzer PRO, and File List Pro.

Is c5 ready for China PRC?

Hi all, My company recently relocated me to China (actually, been notified last Wednesday, and I am now there :/), but this is something I have been wondering for some time … I think c5 can have a very big market there, but I just can't see any wor…

Cannot access database

Hi, I could not complete a backup due to a PHP timeout. One of the forums suggested switching off tracking and deleting the PageStatistics table. I went into PHPAdmin and there were a lot of rows in the table (about 250,000) so I emptied (did NOT delete)…

New Theme!!!

Guys, Got a new theme in the marketplace. Check it out. http://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/themes/calyx/ Cheers!

New theme videos available

Im not sure everyone gets the c5 news bulletins but Andrew has a series of 4 new videos on themes for 5.7 I think are fantastic and very helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQm1QXN9OfI

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