Setting up concrete5 with Git (bitbucket)

Hi, I am a c5 theme designer and never tried version control but now would really like to get started (at some point you'd have to) with it. I intend to use BitBucket for this as they offer unlimited private repo's however, unsure how to get started se…

My website is down. Help or advice needed

I have a site which is down.. ( in fact multiple sites, as I'm using the "Multiple Domains" addon - all are down, barring one ) Chrome is showing a message.. "The page isn’t working" MS Ed…

Web Host Performance

I am just starting out with Concrete5 and with a new host. Activating various C5 functions (i.e. editing, dashboard, etc) seem to me to be very sluggish compared to video tutorials I have viewed. I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to take a…

Concrete5 About page in German?

Hi, I am looking for an about concrete5 page in german language to put on my website. Couldn't find nothing relating to this. I would be very grateful if someone can let me know about this. Thanks erminos

Ok to update directly from to ?

I created a website for a client several years ago and left it in their hands. They recently asked me to do some editing to the site and I logged on to find they hadn't been updating the C5 versions. Is it ok to update directly to Or do I need t…

Testing Add On on Large C5 Site

Hi, if anyone with a large site, 500+ pages would be willing to help test an Add On please drop me a PM and I will send details. Thanks

Page publication date/ embargo support

Hi there, This question must have been asked before, so apologies in advance as I can't seem to dredge it up from any search/ find it in the demo... does Concrete5 support future date publication/ embargo-ing? i.e. I set a date & time in the future and …

Is video background possible?

I just came across a pretty cool website design featuring a video as a background image. Is it possible to achieve something like this in C5?

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