Address resolves but content is gone

I've been working with Concrete5 for about a week. Installed fine, started putting in content with no problems and then suddenly on the second day, the website disappeared. I say disappeared-- the addresses resolved but there was no content on any page.

I figured I'd screwed up so I wiped everything and started over. 30 minutes ago the entire thing disappeared again. The main page. The blog. The portfolio. The admin login page. All of them "load" but the screen is blank. Tried on three different browsers and on my phone with the same results.

I contacted Dreamhost and they acknowledge that the web address resolves but beyond that they can't tell what's happening.

This time I was adding pictures to a slideshow. I don't remember what I was doing the first time.

I'm not super keen on starting over a third time, especially if this is going to happen, worse case, when I have all the content in and using it (it's a portfolio website).

I have no coding background and used Concrete5 because a friend in the industry vomited a little when I said I was going to use Wix - she assured me Concrete5 would be better, just as easy and not look like everyone else's site. But if I'm way out of my depth, then I'll do that instead.

Is there an easy solution? Am I doing something incredibly stupid?

Thanks for any insight.


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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
It seems you have now installed a WordPress website
narcosislabs replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah. My window to get a working website framework in place is closing so I decided to try a different solution rather than lose more time trying to debug the problem. If WP doesn't work out maybe I'll try concrete5 again and see if I can isolate exactly where the problem occurs (assuming it occurs again.)