Can't log into

When trying to log in to access my account (, I receive the following message:

Sign In Error.
This user is inactive. Please contact us regarding this account.

I am unable to find any contact information for, apart from a business inquiry contact form which states very clearly is NOT a technical support channel.

This is NOT an incorrect password issue, as when I deliberately submit an incorrect password in the form, I receive the message "Invalid username or password."

This is like adding insult to injury, as I was seeking forum support on a login issue on my own c5 site, but now I can't log in to the forum, either.

I had to create this new account to post a plea for help, but I would like to have access to my regular account (mrichmond).

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mattrichmond replied on at Permalink Reply
I find it ironic that, just after I left a stellar review for Concrete5 and the support available through the community, both of my Concrete5 websites "broke" and my user account also broke. I could find no assistance for my issue in the documentation that is available online, and my pleas for help on the forum have gone unanswered.

As much as I enjoyed working with Concrete5, I have had to remove both instances from my webhost and have gone with another platform. I already miss the user interface, but technical support is more important.

Farewell, Concrete5, it was fun for the 6 years that it lasted ....
w2f replied on at Permalink Reply
I am almost to that same point too. Seems like more issues with less support from the developers & community. I just finished the 4th rebuild of C5 sites and already having new issues- just as I assured my users that this site was better and ready to now reset their passwords!! I'm gonna hear about this one because the Reset Password button isn't sending the emails!! I really love the format and ease of C5, am used to it and it's hard to learn new platforms, but I agree, support is a critical factor for me too.