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Hi all,

I'm about to do another release for Community Store. I was planning to do this a week or so ago, but I thought I'd finish off some of the features I had on my TODO list first. Such a list naturally grows as new suggestions are made, so this next release has quite a number of new features in it!

Here's what will effectively be the release notes:
- Adds ability to configure payment and shipping methods to only be available to specified user groups (including guests)
- Adds dashboard config option to change cart style to slide in from right
- Adds configurable Add to cart button text and Out of Stock message per product (plus translatability)
- Adds start and end date/times to when product has stock available (e.g. for ticket sales before an event).
- Adds start and end date/times to when product is on sale
- Rework of some product add/edit form to improve usability, new tab (no fields removed), adds button to top of page to quickly see product page
- Also allow external payment methods (Stripe Checkout, Paypal, etc) to auto-login newly created member when returning to site. Works best with Stripe Checkout.
- Adds ability to redirect to a page other than the checkout/complete page when completing order, either globally or at a per-product level (also works across multilingual sites)
- Adds a message to receipt email when new member account created or account updated, including link to access
- Fix to product breadcrumb for multilingual sites
- Enhancements to the on_community_store_cart_pre_add event (thanks Jero)

I've pushed everything to master, and it's really just about any last-minute bugs that may have been introduced.

If anyone has a chance to do a bit of extra testing before I push out the release it would be greatly appreciated.

With the above features added finishing off a lot of functionality, I think the focus from here is going to just be able about quality and stability, leading up to the work that will be required to support V9 of concrete5. I have a few other Community Store related items on my list, but they'll likely be extra add-ons rather than in the core.

The above is in the master, i.e.

-Ryan (edited)

PS - the above is what I've posted in the #ecommerce slack channel - remember to join that if you're working with Community Store

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MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Reply
This looks great.

Community Store has an impressive set of features now. It looks like it covers much of everything you might want to accomplish with an online store.
mesuva replied on at Permalink Reply
Cheers, I do think it's now covering a very wide range of eCommerce scenarios - that was the goal at least with the latest burst of work, to allow for more configurability based on some of the different use-cases that have been discussed in github.
pixo replied on at Permalink Reply
Great job on this!