Private message reply by email broken

When you receive an email copy of a private message, you used to be able to reply by email - as per the notice
--- Reply ABOVE. Do not alter this line --- [h5XtIHMMJRgJ] ---

Well this is still included, but it seems the functionality is no longer working. I've replied in this manner several different times now, but the messages never reach the recipient. So now you can only reply on the website itself.

I don't know if anyone at Portland Labs is aware of this yet or not, so if not, now you know.

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OKDnet replied on at Permalink Reply
Interesting, this very post (above) wouldn't post until I put the "Reply ABOVE..." line in the code tags.
adminEasy replied on at Permalink Reply

If you know, can you advise where I could remove that line from private messages altogether?
Myq replied on at Permalink Reply
This should be fixed now.