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Not sure if should be in a different forum category, but I was just wondering if the eCommerce Addon has any sort of reporting function? Something like a CSV export would be fine.

Has anyone worked on that? Is it in the roadmap?



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norsemengrp replied on at Permalink Reply
That would be great. I think that it would/should be an essential part of corcommerce. I think it would then be much easier to upload products to google base and for accounting purposes. Maybe it can already be done through the data base or something, I don't know.
10kinds replied on at Permalink Reply
I was just introduced to C5 when a client asked if I could help integrate it with Atandra's T-Hub.

I've got some work done that will allow for an export to CSV. It is currently outside of the C5 framework, but I plan on rewriting it if there is enough interest in a simple .csv export.

Contact me if you guys are interested.
dholowack replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm currently working on a reporting solution for c5 core commerce. Initially the reports will be delivered monthly to your inbox in PDF format (although a structured CSV could also be provided). In future developments this solution will be provided in the browser with realtime access to your commerce metrics - click to drill down - all that great functionality. We are leveraging an industry leading business intelligence tool to deliver this.

I'm looking for store owners interested in participating in the beta/prototyping stages - providing data to generate metrics and feedback on the overall product.

Please direct message me here to get in touch.
Thank you.
Fernandos replied on at Permalink Reply
dholowack. hmm that sounds interesting!
I've also been looking for a BI package integration for c5. I'd do it, if I'd only the time.. But if you can bridge the BI sensors and reporting with GA also, then this would make out a great product.
dholowack replied on at Permalink Reply
That's the plan Fernandos. Google Analytics will be included - completing the picture of from how your customers find your site to exactly which products they purchase, where they are shipped, how often the customer returns, etc.
I'm still looking for private beta partners on c5 core commerce (I'm currently working with beta clients on the OScommerce platform).

Let me know if you'd like to sync up.
jpcharrier replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey has anyone solved this reporting feature? I know eCommerce has the ability to export, however it will not honour any search criteria you put in nor does it create a file that can be opened (the resulting excell file is always corrupt for us, accross several sights all using latest eCommerce 2.8.11)