European hosting companies -- who do you recommend?

Hi folks,

Users occasionally ask us to recommend hosting companies based in Europe. What Europe-based companies offer packages that work well with concrete5? Any companies in particular work well for small businesses? What about reseller packages for users looking to deploy a large number of sites?

Here's a rundown of what we currently recommend for system requirements:

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olliephillips replied on at Permalink Reply
Matt. Heart Internet are good in my experience and it works well. They have C5 auto-installers and they've recently done "something" that allows the default htaccess setuo to work serving pretty URIs. Previously it was a faff and that's the only reason I wouldn't have recommended them C5 before.

They do use a customised server admin panel, not Cpanel, but it works pretty well.
abovecreative replied on at Permalink Reply

I switched to these guys a while back and they have been great...

You can choose the location of your server when ordering, they have a 45 day trial so give them a go.
wagdi replied on at Permalink Reply
I agree with Ollie; Heart Internet seem to be doing a pretty good job with C5.

As Ollie already mentioned; for 'Pretty URL's', you now only need to tick the box in the dashboard.. no need to copy and paste code. It's nice to have the 'it just works' feeling that you get with C5 ported over by a hosting company.

Load speeds are good, their one-click install is a big plus and their customer service is good.

All in all, they're worth considering.

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