Extensions in C5

I have a concern and I thought it would be good to air it.

I notice that the only photo gallery available in C5 is for sale. I am very much opposed to this - not that I do not value the developer's hard work, but I believe commericalizing features so basic to the CMS's performance will only hinder the progress of C5.

To think that I have to pay for an image gallery when I can get so many excellent + free extensions in Joomla makes me feel really disappointed in C5's development team.

Take it from me...C5 will never reach to the status of Joomla(which it has the potential to do) if it continues in this way. This sort of thing goes much against the concept of open source.

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frz replied on at Permalink Reply
short version: we'll happily put free ones up there too if you care to submit one.