External Link in Menu which uses is_featured

I have a website running which has a main nav bar (for the products services the company sells) and a secondary nav bar which contains company info - Home, about, contact etc.

The secondary nav is populated by using Hide from Nav & Is Featured attributes. The client would like to put a link to another site within the group in the Is Featured Nav.

Is it possible to add an Is Featured & Hide from Nav attribute selectors to the External link dialog box to achieve this or am I going to have to hard code this into my header?

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nando replied on at Permalink Reply
I am looking for the same information, did you have any luck with this
PassionForCreative replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Nando,

I ended up having to hard-code in the external link. Not ideal but was only way around it.
Client will never need to change this link on my site so it's not a problem for me, but it doesn't solve your problem.

I guess for editability you could add a content box, enter the text & link to it through the WYSIWYG and then apply a class to style it like the rest of the menu.