EZ Product Coming Soon

I am actively developing a new ecommerce package for the marketplace, called EZ Product.

EZ Product will be a more robust version of EZ Paypal. There will be four blocks included in the package:

- EZ Cards: Display a Paypal badge and / or accepted major credit cards, to help add trust
- EZ Product: Create a single product to sell, using buy now, add to cart, or as a catalog product (no option to buy via paypal). This will also include product options, with pricing per option! Taxes, discounts, and shipping options will also be included.
- EZ Cart: A simple "view cart" button that launches the Paypal cart.
- EZ Subscribe: Create a subscription product (days, weeks, months, years)

The package will be intended for businesses that wants to sell a small amount of products via Paypal.

What features would you like to see included? Ideas?

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alexwag replied on at Permalink Reply
Really interested in this product for a small community site for local artists, some of whom may like to sell their artworks.

Because many of the objects are unique, one-off items, would it be possible that once a purchase goes through that the "buy now" button disables itself and/or changes to "sold"?

PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply
Due to the nature of this addon, it won't be possible to automatically disable the buy now button upon a purchase. This is because the paypal integration is static, and so disabling the product would require access to changing a value in the database (and therefore having permission to access this data).

However, I could include a simple option to mark the item as sold. This way, the product info could still be displayed on the site, and the purchase ability would be disabled. This would have to be manually changed as soon as someone completes a purchase.
alexwag replied on at Permalink Reply
Hmm, I don't expect it to be a high traffic site but obviously as a vendor on the site there would be worry about dealing with distinct and simultaneous purchases of a product.

Perhaps also an option to "disable" or mark as "reserved" as soon as the buy button is pressed. The vendor can then manually enable if the purchase did not actually go through.

Do you plan stripe payments? Maybe that could include an automatic disable option once payment is confirmed?
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
@alexwag did you check community store? It's a full-fledged free e-commerce solution that allows you to set a stock per product so you can set the stock to 1 if needed.
You can find it on Github:https://github.com/concrete5-community-store/community_store...

You'll have to download the plugin for Paypal separately from the same developer on Github. There are other payment plugins available, all for free.
alexwag replied on at Permalink Reply
@mnakalay, yes I have played with the community store (version 1.3.1) and can highly recommend it for single vendor sites.

As far as I know you can't really handle multiple vendors, each with their own PayPal or Stripe account.

Ultimately it would be nice if the cart could hold items from multiple vendors then take a total payment which is then distributed directly to the vendors. I think this may only be possible with Stripe?

Obviously, there is then the issue of handling multiple invoices.

Not sure how sites like Etsy handle this.

That's probably why a simple block like "EZ Product" appeals because multiple vendors can be easily associated with (one-off) payments.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
oh, I see what you mean. I agree, a system with settings at the block level would solve your problem.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
as far as distributing payments, I don't think any payment processor really provides that functionality out of the box.
As far as I know, marketplaces like Amazon, for instance, get paid and then distribute the money themselves to the store owners.

A bit like what happens here when you buy packages from different sellers, Portland Labs get paid not us. What we see is the amount we are owed. We then have to manually request payment and Portland Labs will send us the money owed us at the time of the request.
alexwag replied on at Permalink Reply
At this stage, for the particular project in mind, I prefer payments to go straight to the vendors and not having to deal with the accounting nightmare of distributing payments.

Stripe seems to have quite a flexible payment routing system (https://stripe.com/connect) that could possibly handle our scenario.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
yes, Stripe can handle that although I don't know what it would require in terms of implementation.

I'm a big fan of Stripe and I'm convinced there is nothing it can't handle.

Having said so, you won't be able to accept vendors from countries where Stripe is not present.
PineCreativeLabs replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
I am working on integrating an "automation" feature for each product that would allow you to automatically disable the product on a specific date, after a certain number of days, or never. See attachment.

I'm also adding a sale period, too! The sale period would also allow a time period, or be set for an X number of days.