Filter Product List Block

Has anyone ever improved the eCommerce product list to include an AJAX filter or is there a plugin available?

I am building a website at the moment with 500+ products, each product has a manufacturer and a product type.

What I would like to achieve is; I would like to have 2 select boxes, one with manufacturer and one with product type, the selection of these would filter the results in the product list.

Has anyone ever achieved this or am I missing something?

Thanks for any help,

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Adreco replied on at Permalink Reply
Any progress on this? I'm scheduling time to work on something similar this weekend and, being a little lazy, would prefer to implement the solution someone else has. Why "re-invent the wheel" :)
PassionForCreative replied on at Permalink Reply
Unfortunately not,
I was asked to exclude the filter and look at a different a type of navigation for the products.
It will be something I will look at for future projects but not for this one.
If you have any progress please let me know.