HubSpot Collected Forms Integration with Concrete Forms

Has anyone had success with getting Hubspot marketing plugin to collect forms and push leads to the Hubspot CRM?

I am using Formidable forms (the C5 plugin). I already checked the guidelines for picking up data from the forms, but from what I can tell about Concrete forms, is that they seem to be in order. Here are the guidelines:

• Form is not enclosed in <form> tags
• Form is contained inside an <iframe>
• Form has JavaScript bound to form submit event or submit button click event. This is how the tool captures submissions and any other events, and can prevent HubSpot from knowing when submissions occur.
• Form was introduced after the page completed loading. The tool scans the page as soon as it loads and listens to submissions on forms that were present at that point.
• Form contains a sensitive field, such as credit card number.

Form submissions need to be able to be trackable in Hubspot. I've tried a couple tests, but nothing has been recorded by Hubspot.

Can anyone shed some light on this?

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jasteele12 replied on at Permalink Reply
I am not familar with Hubspot's forms, but have you taken a look at the Network tab of your browser's console when submitting the form?