My overylay pop up windows scroll very slowly and lag. Can this be Fixed?

This is mostly a problem in the images file browser. Scrolling up and down through a few images is extremely lagging. But every overlay pop up menu in C5 has the same problem to a varying degree.

Adding a new block brings up the overlay and it doesn't scroll smooth but it isn't too bad, minimal lag.

Is that normal?

Edit, I tried it on another computer and it was a lot smoother scrolling. Still not sure what my computer needs to help speed this up. My computer is a AMD II X3 435, 2.89Mhz 2gb ram. Win Xp Pro SP3

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ThemeGuru replied on at Permalink Reply
Well it could be either your computer, server, or internet connection.

I've never seen this problem myself but I'm running - a i7 mac book pro w/ 4gb, vps server, and a extremely fast internet connection....
107studio replied on at Permalink Reply
I've since tried it on another computer with the same lag. So then I tried using IE8 and all of the lag went away.

Same result on both computers. FF lag IE no lag. I'll reply if i learn more.
olacom replied on at Permalink Reply
Same here,

Chrome, FF and safari, slow and lag in OVERLAY windows.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
I've never seen this.