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Hey everyone, is a real-estate site built using C5. It is running really slow, and I am trying to fix this problem. The hosting provider, Network Solutions suggested the following (see below) Does anyone know how to do this?

I would have your developer look at the php settings in this file. Have him change any settings that need to be changed for the website to work properly. I would recommend upping the memory_limit to 128MB.

Once the changes are made it needs to be saved as php.ini and uploaded to the cgi-bin of the server.

NOTE: The settings in /cgi-bin/php.ini will override all of the settings from the server's php.ini, so all of these settings should be included.  
If the settings adversely effect other people on the server, the settings may be removed or the package may be  suspended.

Server php.ini settings:
session.save_path = /data/tmp
upload_tmp_dir = /data/tmp
asp_tags = On
register_globals = On
safe_mode = Off
upload_max_filesize = 25M
post_max_size = 25M
output_buffering = 1024
mime_magic.magicfile = /usr/share/misc/file/magic.mime
memory_limit = 16M
include_path = .:/usr/services/vux/lib/php
allow_url_include = 0
allow_url_fopen = 0
extension_dir = /usr/services/vux/php5/lib/php/extensions
zend_extension = /usr/services/vux/php5/lib/php/extensions/
zend_extension = /usr/services/vux/php5/lib/php/extensions/

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jgaris replied on at Permalink Reply
I've had several customers come to us using Network Solutions hosting, and it is always extremely slow, no matter what settings. I can tell you not to waste too much time messing with configuration, the way to speed up your site is move to a different host.
frz replied on at Permalink Reply
i agree with jgaris: network solutions is slow.
Pritam replied on at Permalink Reply
Please go through these Blog posts by Andrew Embler, I am sure they could prove helpful in tackling this issue
sbtc replied on at Permalink Reply
trendezza, as far as I know you'd copy the settings they gave you below into a text editor, change the memory_limit = 16M to 128M. You'll be able to read it better when you paste it into the text editor. Then use ftp and upload to the cgi-bin folder. delete cache in your browser and refresh.
johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello all,

For anyone else who may find this, here is a link to the official Concrete5 hosting page: