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If you think it was disorienting to navigate the new 5.5 dashboard with less clicking, check out this web site:

This could be where web-based UI's are headed in the future. I'll be interested in seeing your reaction...

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AlexMonti replied on at Permalink Reply
Pretty cool UI. I'm not sure about it being the future of web-based navigation though. This idea and the software to support it has been around for a pretty long time now, and apart from a few nifty websites it doesn't seem to have taken off all that much.

Not to mention hovering-based navigation doesn't work on touchscreens, which are pretty popular at the moment.
adamjohnson replied on at Permalink Reply
Bahahaha. That URL should really read
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
:( that's a screenshot.
s2d replied on at Permalink Reply
There, now it works like it's supposed to.

LOL - I knew some of you would just barf on it. It's definitely not what people are used to. This page is actually a survey that the authors are running to see whether they think people would use such an interface. I wonder if they plan to release the results.

Good point about the touchscreens, Alex, but the applications that I think this could be most useful for would probably not be very practical to use from a touchscreen anyway.
ScottC replied on at Permalink Reply

you'll find you get used to the additional clicks fairly quickly, without the perspective of less clicks concrete5 v 5.5.1 is still pretty awesome, the UI looks way better than 5.4.x, to the point where I'm actually enjoying writing add ons for concrete5 again.

So don't get too down on it :). There are a few more clicks than there should be, and that subnav is something i'd like to see make a return..(or at least override the drop down in the dashboard header by default if nothing else is defined) but overall i think concrete5 looks really nice
s2d replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Scott,

I agree. I never intended for this to discredit the new dashboard in 5.5. If you look through some of my other recent posts, you'd see that I have been supportive of it. My first reaction was not pleasant, but after seeing how much faster I could get things done, I don't think I'll want to go back.

I shared this link with the C5 community because it seems to take that whole "less clicking" concept to a whole new level, and since we've been debating endlessly on that concept, I thought it would be of interest here, albeit a bit controversial. I intended it only as a friendly debate. :-)

frz replied on at Permalink Reply
yeah. they have 0 clicks, and that UI sucks. so nah. ;)

best wishes

Franz Maruna
s2d replied on at Permalink Reply