What is it about C5 that stops a Bootstrap menu from being responsive?

I built a standard page in bootstrap.

I called it Full.html.

I then made a theme changing Full.html to Full.php and add the necessary C5 components top, bottom and the theme path.

Nothing in the body, just left the same as the html version.

They both have a menu.

Now when I run the C5 version it looks exactly the same as the html version, dropdowns work etc.

However, when I try the C5 version in mobile view the menu isn't responsive.

Both files are in the same directory so the css and .js files are the same.

Any ideas?


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hutman replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you including a copy of bootstrap.js in your file? Concrete5 already loads bootstrap so if you're loading one also and not telling Concrete5 that you're doing it using the page_theme.php then that will mess things up.