Edit Menu Item Url Using Sitemap Link

I'd love to see the feature of editing a menu item url or adding a menu item url from a sitemap link instead of the traditional way of adding it via the page link Thanks

Accordion Search bug

Guys We have an accordion mounted here: http://radiusdemo7.co.uk/index.php/student-q When we do a search for eg: Test Two (hidden in the 2nd question) we get the result but with a line of text from the question above inserted before it! See attached…

removing a theme

i'm trying to remove a theme but i get this error message... call_user_func_array() expects parameter 1 to be a valid callback, class 'Concrete\Package\ThemeSupermint\Controller' does not have a method 'getPackageItems' Anyone know what this is please…


Does anybody know of a block or something that will allow a jpg/png with a txt paragraph below the picture?

Content Block misbehaving

Hi, we are using the theme "NEAT" and are having problems with editing the content block. When we go into editing the edit freezes and we have to close the window and re-log in. I have checked the browser error console and have the following errors: H…

Help with hover

Hi, as you will probably guess, I am fairly new to creating websites. I have set up a page where I am showing mug shots of choristers and I would like to bring up a block with their biography when somebody hovers over the picture. Is this possible and if …

Aloft Media Patent Infringement

One of our clients received a letter from Aloft Media claiming that a bunch of items/tech used in the C5 platform was guilty of patent infringement and they want them to pay a licensing fee. It seems pretty scammy to me, but their legal department is frea…

image upload size

i have just tried to upload an image that was over 128mb. Instead of getting a warning that the file was too big, it crashed the site with HTTP Error 500. Have I got this wrong as I thought C5 would reject the file first?

installed version is still 8.4.2

hello, I updated to the latest version 8.4.3. but when check in details only core version is new and installed version is still 8.4.2? Is this normal?

Search block

Guys, The Search block in 5.8 doesn't appear to allow you to restrict a search to just the page the block is on and under. The docs say: Search Within Path - This lets you limit your search results. Everywhere will search pages from across your w…

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