Mailing workflow creator/editor platform

Let’s think of how a website sends automatic emails to its users. When a new profile is created, a “Welcome” email automatically goes through. Then, when the user’s profile is updated, a confirmation email will be sent. Same with “Status changed”, “email…

Language Add-On

Does anyone know of a language add-on that will automatically convert UK text into another language? I have been using 'MultiTrans' addon in older 5.6 version site which uses google to translate, but it doesn't seem to be around for version 8.0.

8.3.2 and text

I just downloaded a new copy of 8.3.2. I set the text size to 17px. I go thru and make all my other settings ( h1,h2, ....) . After everything is done I change the text setting from 17 to 20px and it changes all of my other settings.. h1 - h6 - navigati…

New to C5. So far its been AMAZING. Thanks devs!

Wasn't sure where to put this but it seemed that Chit-Chat would be safe. Just wanted to throw a great big thanks out to the devs! My lady just bought her own business and I've not worked on websited for a decade. After a couple of weeks of experiment…

Email ICON content issue

I have a ( email / mail ) icon top of page. In settings for the social media icons , I have listed the correct email to show , which is [email protected] However when you click on the icon its re-directing to…

Page Forbidden

When trying to view a Page Draft I created earlier, I am now receiving a 'Page Forbidden' error saying I am not authorised to view the page. This has happened since logging out and back in again. Can anyone advise why this might be happening?

Server Side Request Forgery

It appears that the search function in 5.7.x is open to SSRF as a proxy. Anyone else run into this and found a mitigation?

GDPR - adding a user database to site

Hello all, With the impending changes to British law regarding General Data Protection Regulations - and all its knock-on effects to administrators; I was wondering if anyone has implemented or designed a supercharged database for C5 websites. What …

Completion date of Community Store

Can someone provide an update of ?. Eagerly waiting for its production release.

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