Setting a page to be accessed by members only.

I am building a website that has general public access but there is a section that should only be accessible by specific people. Does anybody know a simple way to set this up?

Incompatible add-ons

I’m one of probably few people who visit here who have chosen cr5 as their cms for the simple reason that it seems to provide the ability to design and develop your own site without knowing how to code. “Simply” buy the theme and add-ons you want, install…

Collecting feedback from visitors

Happy to announce two new add-ons that make it easier to collect feedback on a website: 1. Forms with Mopinion. This is an integration with Mopinion, a third-party service dedicated to this purpose. (…

Concrete 5 site is down FATAL ERROR

I haven't touched this particular site in over 2 weeks (new site that is being built for a client). Suddenly, when browsing, the site is down the error logs display the following: PHP Fatal error: Class 'Doctrine\ORM\Utility\PersisterHelper' not foun…

Clone the core Elemental theme and make it GDPR friendly

For those of you who are using Elemental and have noticed it is not GDPR friendly because it loads font files from Google, I have built a free tool that can help with that. It allows you to make a copy of Elemental as a totally new theme which can load…

using row anchors in menus

Let's say I have a site that is a one-page site, using row anchors rather than page links for navigation. It looks as if the menu doesn't really support this, or am I wrong? I see only linking to pages, files, or external links. Thanks.

3 Reasons to Use Exit Intent

Exit Intent is a technology that monitors mouse movements of website visitors and detects when a visitor is likely to leave the website without doing anything else. A popup box is usually displayed when the user moves their mouse above the top of the wind…

Paywall Post

I checked the marketplace but couldn't find an add-on that could help one set-up a paywall for posts. Would love to know if someone's worked on such a package and its availability.

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