Back up!

Just a quick post to point out that the site is back up, and now running 5.3.. please report any bugs you find ...

Marketplace going on hiatus! Grab your stuff now!!!

So we're launching 5.3 this week, that means we need to update this site to 5.3 as well. There's some cool hooks to make it easier to auto-install things from the marketplace (both add-ons and themes) but for that to work, we've got to repackage everythin…

Minnesota Concrete5 Fans

Hey all you 'sotans out there. The Minnesota Concrete5 Society will be holding it's first local group meeting April 9th (assuming people are available and attending) at Buffalo Wild Wings in Plymouth at 6PM. If you can make it (or even if you can't, bu…


When I click on Edit Page, it just seems to refresh....but does not go into edit mode (no red dotted outline)

Concrete5 User Manual?

Hey has anybody put together a Concrete 5 user manual, will be cool to give to clients when do a website using this sytem. Cheers


Any memcached users out there? I always liked memcached a lot because it's easy to use, but still powerful. Especially if you want to scale out using several servers. Supporting memcached in addition to eAccelerator?

Change Site domain name

I have a site setup @ [email protected] and now i setup apache to point a new domain to the same dir. Need to remove the other, but when i hit the perrymanproperties site, comes back as url of do i have …

C5 Vs Joomla

This is just a discussion on C5 Vs. Joomla. I hear a lot of comparison on C5 and Drupal and I wanted to hear some thoughts on it compared with Joomla.

Edit Page Buttons

I am having an odd problem with the edit page buttons. In the default themes they work fine, however when I am using a custom theme the left side of the buttons disappears, it appears when you mouse over the button. It is purely cosmetic/css or something,…

css Image link

Good day I have made a change in the .css to point to images in the theme img folder? My code But not working? what is the corect url? Please help newbie? Thank you

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