Nice documentation!

I just discovered this today looking up CRUD... I don't know how long these documentation pages have been up, but I appreciate the fact that they are up. I am considering the Conc…

Obsolete or Incorrect URLs on Project Page

I have some sites that have been moved from server to server, and as a result, the Project Pages for these sites have a long list of obsolete or incorrect URLs. How do I delete them?

Anyone manage to edit on a tablet?

One of our editors wants to edit her section on a tablet. Simply adding a sub page isn't possible because you can't hover on a tablet. Anyone found a way round this?

Randomly select content

I'm thinking of making the home page randomly select content from other pages. Any thoughts on how to do this?

Site Down... only errors...

HI All, I'm at a loss of where to start to fix this. Just realized a site is down for a small salon owner I help for no charge to maintain a simple informational site. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Lisa

New Ecommerce Package Coming Soon

I am working on a new ecommerce package for the marketplace, and will soon submit a "beta" for review. I wanted to share what I'm working on, as I am looking for some feedback on ideas. Below is what I currently have planned: "eShop" will be a self-c…

Why are Pretty URLs so sticky when you migrate to a new server?

I have so many issues with Pretty URLs over the years and I don't know why. I usually clear my cache and turn Pretty URLs off before I export the database and files. I do *not* transfer the .htaccess file or if I do, I make sure there are no rewrite rules…

problem loading review_pending

Hi, I'm having a problem viewing the detail page of my pending-for-approval add-on. It's loading 'till the second message in the "message history" and stops with: "NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error -…

Threads with code samples

Is anyone else experiencing an issue on this site that the forum threads that have code samples are not displaying correctly. Here's few examples:…

Project ownership

I need to transfer a project page to a new owner. I found instructions on how to do this, but they depend on the "old" owner initiating the change. Unfortunately, the "old" owner no longer works for my client's company. Any other alternatives?

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