Meet-up in West LA at 7pm on Oct 10 (Fri)

If you happened to live around LA, I'm trying to organize a small meet-ups while I'm traveling in the US. Join us if you're interested. And let's talk about the topics. Also if you know an…

5.7.0 experiences

I've been working on two sites with 5.7. It is pretty cool what they've done, but a little flaky still. Frequent needs to save changes and reopen the editing to get the interface to reset. Had a strange problem where the site name area was suddenly empty …

Ecommerce Express add to cart not working

Anyone have this issue? We installed the express ecommerce, bulk manager and also the transaction manager and everything works but when you hit "add to cart" nothing happens?

PHP 5.4 and Concrete5

Are they compatible? Our internet provider is upgrading to PHP 5.4 soon and I don't know if that'll affect the concrete5 installation. Please help! :) Thanks!

writing a quickie article for a industry blog

So we've been doing a lot of hands on promotion around 5.7 both online and around PDX. We're planning on casting our net wider to SFO and Seattle soon, then wider and wider - more sponsoring of exiting meetups, etc. Out of that work I'm starting to ha…

Help with adding Page Name to form submission

I have added some code to "mail > block_form_submission.php" to show which page a form was filled out from. [code] Page::getCurrentPage()->getCollectionName(); [/code] This seemed to work nicely, but...... I have now added JordanLev's Ajax Form b…

concrete5 legacy versions

Does anyone know where these moved? The only link I found requires login but my creds dont work. Looks like its for c5 core access only.

"Page Statistics" MySQL error

We have a few Concrete5 sites that have been randomly coming up with a "Page Statistics" MySQL error. We have been having to disable Page Statistics in the site.php inorder for the website to come back up. We are using version

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