image updating issues

i am doing a time lapse project and want to show the latest photo that has been loaded into my FTP folder. i can get the image onto the page but it will not auto change when the next latest picture id ftp'ed to the folder. i am using using the url addr…

Running Forums

Hi all, I manage IT for a NPO, and Concrete5 was available from our hosting provider as something that could provide Forums/Discussion Board capability. After installing it, it's unclear to me how I can set up a discussion board. Can someone point m…


i am trying to use images that are ftp ed onto my public html pages but i cant make concrete see them am i barking up the wrong tree? getting very frustrated. any help would go a long way thanks Paul

Should I update to the newest version(8.2)?

I am working on a new website to replace my old one. I started creating the website last year and I have version Would it be good for me to update to the newest version? Are the editing procedure in the newest version hard to catch onto?

Migration Tools issue

Hi, In Concrete5 version 5.7+ there is this newly added option at block editing ui: "Design & Custom Template: Block Container Class" which Enable/Disable Grid Container. The problem is "Migration Tool" package (…

Unable to Programmatically Creating Express Objects

Hi, I followed the code mentioned at developer documentation to programmatically create Express Objects, this code copied exactly from this page: [code] …

Anything new?

Hey all, I haven't been around since a new client hired me to study some crypto stuff for them. All my development has temporarily switched from c5 add-ons to cryptography stuff due to the money over there. Apologizes for failing to respond to Mike…

PayPal Buttons

This site says.. Error: Form elements must not have name or id of "submit". PayPal code will not publish up in block.

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