Public registration page

Is there a way to allow the public to register or is there a plugin? I need name, address, company etc, and password with strength preferably Thanks I'm using 5.7

Page list issues

Ok two page list blocks on the same page. Both with the same filtering and template Both showing the same content One shows the thumbnail the other doesn't Why?

Facebook/Google calendar

Hi! Is anyone successfully syncing events between a facebook page, google calendar, and/or a concrete 5 website? If so, how did you do it??

Updating Concrete5

I am running an old version of Concrete5 and my php is out of scope. By updating the CMS will this automatically update the php? Many Thanks

Interest in a Shopify add-on?

Hey all, Last year I put together an _almost_ feature-complete add-on that tightly integrates Shopify with concrete5. It uses, which means you can add blocks for products, list collections of products, with the ca…

Concrete5 DB migration is NOT possible.

I wish that when people ask a question, that the people that answer give a right answer. I was trying many times to migrate my concrete5 site from my development server to my hosting provider, and after following loads of instructions that FAILED big t…

Data Exception: Help required

Hi Good morning from the UK. I am currently running C5 version Last night whilst adding a page to one of my websites and whilst adding the Attributes to the page I was presented with an Exception when trying to save it: [code] An except…

Project Missing from Project Page

When I visit my projects page (which I don't often) I find that one of my sites is not listed. The project was most likely named ChapelOfRest I discovered this when trying to correct a "No input file specified." which se…

No Input File Found after server move by GoDaddy

I have a seemingly age old issue. GoDaddy moved this site to 4GH and post that move my clients were seeing No input file specified after clicking to navigate to any other page. - index.php shows fine. I'm not even able …

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