Express: Is this expected behaviour?

I created a form to accept a word, one field on a page. Then I installed an Express List block to display the word. works as expected if logged in but when Im logged out I get "No "Home" entries can be found".

Delete Express Objects

So far I have been unable to delete an object once created. Any ideas on how this is done?

Member list doesn't show all members

I run a c5 instance with a particular setup. I have one direct login account, which is "webmaster". All of the user accounts sign in via the Google sign-in module. (I set it up this way because we have a G Suite domain, so why bother having people remembe…

menu topics

Hello, for some time, my menu topics no longer works ... What should I do ?

Site Name and Version 8

With version 8 this does not seem to work anymore: [code] [/code] Does anyone know of the current way to echo the site name?

HELP! My canonical URL is in error

I don't know how I accidentally ended up with only "http://" in the text field in the URLs dashboard page, but I did and saved it and now everything is broken. How do I fix this, please?? i.e. change Canonical URL back to nothing.

Recommendations for replacing xampp

I am rebuilding my development environment on a new Windows 8 system. When I went to download xampp for my apache/mysql/php local server I discovered that the latest distribution include Mariadb instead of mySQL. I could use an old version of XAMPP but …

Restricted Entry

I have a new FREE addon available that requests page visitors to enter their age before they can see the content. Note that this addon is NOT released in the marketplace, and is NOT supported. Use it at your own risk. Go get it: http://c57.pinecreative…

What is this: CSRF\Token

Hello Concrete5 memebers, This was included in my Concrete5 theme in the footer.php: [code] use Concrete\Core\Validation\CSRF\Token; [/code] Does anybody what it does ?

how to write a review

Sorry all I'm a newby but I like C5 very much, and got add-ons free and paied But I could not find out how to write a review for those I have used, and I think it's important for the community Some tips ? Thank you all in advance

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