How to avoid the alias-notification showing up

Hello I do alias some dashboard sites to an internal section of the homepage (to integrate it in the site structure). Now every time this is opened it shows the Message "This page is an alias of one that actually appears elsewhere." (see attached f…

SEO Analyzer is Now FREE

I am pleased to announce that my addon "SEO Analyzer" is now available for FREE! It is a very valuable tool, and can help you figure out how to compete via SEO! There is a "Pro" version ava…

I know what's wrong but how do I fix the url to file path

Move the site from build server on fasthosts to a godaddy server .... I know but thats the clients choice. Got the site up and sorted out an issue with the file loctions so the images - except 1 - are displaying. Cant see why the 1 image wont display …

Nice documentation!

I just discovered this today looking up CRUD... I don't know how long these documentation pages have been up, but I appreciate the fact that they are up. I am considering the Conc…

Obsolete or Incorrect URLs on Project Page

I have some sites that have been moved from server to server, and as a result, the Project Pages for these sites have a long list of obsolete or incorrect URLs. How do I delete them?

Anyone manage to edit on a tablet?

One of our editors wants to edit her section on a tablet. Simply adding a sub page isn't possible because you can't hover on a tablet. Anyone found a way round this?

Randomly select content

I'm thinking of making the home page randomly select content from other pages. Any thoughts on how to do this?

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