transferring theme license

I have developed a site for a company using a theme from the Marketplace which I bought using my own concrete5 account. They have asked if the license for the theme can be transferred to their concrete5 account, is that possible? The project url remains t…

Cant add a link to the editor when ssl enabled

Hi Guys, I have SSL enabled on my site, now when i use the content editor and click the link icon to add a link, a blank popup appears. Is this is C5 bug, or is there a logical solution for this? Thanks

Blog Authors Needed for

I have a website - built with Concrete - that has been around for 1 year now. It is a CMS information and directory website with traffic coming from all over the world. There is need for more content, but I don't have enough time to write it all myse…

Force SSL adds /index.php to all my urls

After getting the SSL certificate I installed the add-on Force SSL and turned it on for all pages. Now when I click on a tab to take me to one of the pages I get a 404 error because it is putting /index.php/ before each page name. How do I fix this renami…

Can't download after sale

Hi, I've bought Blog Designer add-on twice. But I can't get it, nothing in licence page or anywhere else... Can someone help me? Thanks

Concrete5 has another serious competitor

WordPress just got a half decent front end wysisyg editing interface. Take a look: What do you think about it?

SMS News feeder

I want to send sms to my webpage for news feed update. Critical messages from phone that will update webpage block/ feed for other people to se. This is ment for a boat kaptain to update page info for the reason he must have. Thx

Crossword Puzzles?

Hi, I'm currently working on a site for a Magazine. The magazine has a crossword puzzle. Is there any easy way to create or implement a crossword puzzle on the site? Any suggestion is welcome. The crossword puzzle has to be interactive, so visitors …

Allow user to see only a specific user group

Hi All. This may have already been asked but is it possible to allow a user to see only a specific user group and not others? We are looking to develop a HR system using C5 and this would be a requirement. Does advanced permissions stretch to this? …

Database Manager Addon Now Available on Codecanyon

I would like to announce that I have a new "Database Manager" tool available on Codecanyon. It provides you with a CRUD interface to view and manage your Concrete5 database tables. …

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