Moving site

Hi I have just recently started moving my sites using cpanel and just using ftp (filezilla) for smaller changes such as changing config files... The last site I moved went all well however there was no images... Anybody know why this happened? There was …

Store - eCommerce for 5.7 is now free

We released Store about 3 weeks ago, and since then have been getting tons of feedback from the community that uses eCommerce add-ons regularly. We beefed it up considerably and got a lot of it in shape. It's now available here in the marketplace at …


I would like to add the required cookies message to my site. Is there a standard one available that meet EU requirements? Thanks.

Limited Offer: BannerMagic for Instagram

Hi guys, we just wanted to share this link with you because we are celebrating our new add-on: Have a great day, 4Contrete5

an add-on to make text non-highlightable?

Does an add-on exist that will let me make all text on a page non-highlightable? I would like to prevent copy/paste possibilities on a website with extensive text content. I don't see anything in the marketplace, but may simply be lacking the correct se…

Weird Form Submissions

The other day we had some strange activity on a C5 website. Over a 45 minute period, roughly 40 emails were received notifying us that a form on our website had been filled out. --------------------- The logs confirm this: **EMAILS ARE ENABLED. THIS …


We have received the following message when trying to edit select webpages on our site Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home6/bringyo7/public_html/concrete/core/models/page.php on line 905 We u…

Search Function

I notice that the Forum search function does not work on my iPad 3.

Display Thumbnails of PDFs?

Hi All, Does anyone know of a quick and easy way to display the first page of a PDF file as a thumbnail (linked to the PDF)? I have a few hundred PDFs to list and it would be nice not to have to open each one, make an image and then use it to create a …


Does anyone happen to know where to find unique visitor statistic from back panel?

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