Logging Off All Users

HELP! Can someone tell me how to log off all users on my site? I have somehow managed to sign in twice and it's causing the wrong webpage version to be published.

New Website - Issues

Love the new website. Thought I'd post here to highlight issues as they come up (yeah there are other friends but it's all gotten to messy). #1 Posting a new message or reply in the forums via iPhone now is almost impossible. Try it and you'll see…


After going insane because I can't find a host that offers APC and don't have a dedicated server to put one on my self, I did a random search on the internet for ways to speed up my php. Here is what I found: http://aciddrop.com/php-speedy/ I downloaded i…

Nice site! concrete5

Haven't been on your site for a few weeks but wow!, what a difference, nice, clean and much faster. congrats on the new site. looks much more professional

anyone recommend a good host?

The 2 cheap ones mentioned (Bluehost and Sharepoint or something) both appear to suck immensely judging by all the hate a Google search brings up. I was happy with myhosting.com for a while until I started having problems. Their communication goes stra…

Norton Verification

I am trying to get my website verified by Norton. It seems I do not have the 'root' page for my website in order to type in their code. I'm pretty confused. If you have accomplished this successfully would you mind explaining how you accomplished it…

Manage projects in My Account

I like to be able to manage the projects in My Account. The still are a lot of development url etc. in my projects and i would like to take them out. IS this possible?

Auto-Nav problems

Hi. I'm trying to add a auto-nav to a sidebar in the default theme. I can only get the top level sites to show. I've read the instructions and tried everything. I can see two subpages on my site map, but they don't show up. I've tried just abou…

Can I do this with Concrete5?

I'm about to set up a web site for our church, and I was originally going to use Joomla, but my wife suggested Concrete5. One of the things that's very important to do for this site is to be able to have a list of uploaded documents (sermons on one p…

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