pretty Url problem

Hi, I followed all the instructions to enable the pretty urls, and it worked fine in my main home page, but now the links in my menus do not work, they just show a blank page with the error "no input file specified" could anybody please point me in the r…

Password Reset Error

Does anyone know why I am getting this error message when a user attempts to reset there password. It happens when you click on the reset link, enter new passwords and click save An unexpected error occurred. Invalid Key. Please visit the forgot pas…

HTML Files

I know you can add an external link for when adding a new page but just wondering can i add a html file to my root directory and link the external link to HTML file that is uploaded in my root directory at all?? Thanks Gary

What happens after concrete 5.9 ?

This may sound funny, but I'm wondering what happens when you run out of version numbers? Will there ever be a concrete6?


Pacifichost, Dreamhost, Bluehost... Who do we like better???

eCommerce questions

Evening all, I've been reading up on the Concrete5 eCommerce plugin and I have to say it looks fantastic, however, before I part with my hard earned readies I have a quick question for the users! I know it was designed to break the mold of the stand…

Secret Question Password Reset

Hi all, Wondering if there is a block which changes the stock 'change-password' via email feature, to a secret question change password style?? My site has 3600 employees, who seem to be constantly forgetting their password... The problem with the st…

Usenet Newsgroups

Is there some magical way of accessing Usenet Newsgroups directly through a C5 web site that I'm not aware of? I realize that this is an odd and exotic question. The situation is this; a site I run is for and about the Usenet Newsgroup alt.smokers.pipes…

Page list: adds view.css that cannot be found

Starting to optimize a site I found that there is a stylesheet named view.css that cannot be found. Its only on pages with the page list. Can't figure out where its being called from. I want to remove it, any idea where I can?

Html Page

Can you have one single html with isnt part of concrete 5 and then link it back to concrete5? Im trying to make a booking form which is full-width and i cant find or customise a form block which allows me to make a form wide and the field go side by si…

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