Apache 2.2 ReWrite and the .htaccess file

Ok Folks The dreaded GoDaddy support issues. For almost a month, I have been attempting to get a site to work again after the host has upgraded their servers to Apache 2.2. I have another thread that some folks gave me some suggestions but its a no g…

Concrete5 RULES!!!

Hiya, Just wanted to say how impressed I am with concrete5. I was able to build a site in hours and what was long was writing the texts and preparing the media files... The whole part with installing concrete5 and configuring it, it went like a breeze.…

Advanced permissions on area

Hi, I've a problem with the Advanced Permissions on Areas. I set the permissions from Pages and Themes> Page Types> Default and given permissions in the various areas that make up the page to limit the display of the blocks and I clear my site cache. …

deleting a project

Just a heads up, you can now "delete" a project page from your my account area. Let it never be said that we don't "listen". ;-P

BlockController save method issue

Hi, I try to make a custom block type. I built the controller.php according to the example and overwrote save method of the parent BlockController class. Block adding and editing works well until I quit from edit mode and publish my edit. When I go bac…

Concrete5 'How-Tos' from 1969

A note for the core team- It's like something from the Twilight Zone or Back to the Future.. Check out http://www.concrete5.org/documentation/how-tos and you'll find some How tos from December, 31st, 1969. Weird no?

Admin account inacive

I was in system maintenance > jobs and i ran checked after that my admin account went inactive any idea how to re-activate the admin account.

Has anyone else noticed this?

In concrete5.org, when hovering over a user avatar, two things happen- 1. A slider bar at the bottom of the page appears. Its as if the page is super wide. You can drag the page to the right briefly before it abruptly snaps back into place. It happe…

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