CSS Dropdown Not Working in IE7

This question is not C5 related...but the site is a C5 site ;-) This is boggling my mind...I've built dozens if not hundreds of sites with CSS dropdown menus and they ALL work in IE7...except this one. http://www.ellingsons.com.php5-21.dfw1-1.websit…

Help! I downloaded a theme to the wrong account

I have bought a theme from the marketplace but somehow I managed to buy it in my other concrete 5 account (for a different website). How to connect that site to my other concrete 5 account so I can download the theme to it? Any help gladly received!

Cannot add user/group to page permissions - advanced permissions

Hi, folks. I'm running into a pretty serious issue with my c5 install. I'm running in a LAMP setup, and up until recently, everything had been running very smoothly. We're using c5 as a CMS for a document library, and I've had advanced permissi…

Array Images

Php:- $dir = 'images/'; $images_array = glob($dir.'*.jpg'); foreach (($images_array) as $v){ echo ' '; } Concrete5:- ? in view.php Please anyone can help Thanks John

No input file specified.

Hey all Have tried everything I know how to fix the dreaded "No input file specified" issue. Hosting on Domain Priced Right. They say FastCGI is turned on but only the index.php page is showing for the sight. http://www.jgintl.com is the web site.…


When backing up my C5 site do I need to do the /files/cache directory?

Form with web address field returns a 403 Forbidden if filled in

Ok, I've narrowed down mt 403 forbidden - index.php problem. I deleted everything and started over. I created a new form and page to put it on. i started with a couple of fields like name (text input) and type (select box) and it worked. So, I added the r…

Homepage scrambled

I move a website to Network Solutions and get to the homepage but, the homepage is all scrambled. Any suggestions. See example or http://www.wasteadvantagemag.com/ headerart-1.jpg Facebook LinkedIn Home MarketPlace Product …

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