media temple new super fast 60% faster service

anyone using C5 on this setup?

Adding Footer Links to the Site (not to appear in main nav)

I add pages to the site that appear on the footer but not in the main nav I know with concrete5 sites we are meant to think of them as being Trees but how does everyone out there deal with foot links, pages like terms and conditions/privacy policies s…

Search Function

Is there a way to make a search block search only for whole words? An example would be when a user searches for Sign, they get a results page that shows results like: designed Signal Signature etc... Because sign is in the word.

Concrete5.5 First Impression

Can concrete5.5 stacks be created and sold in the marketplace? And can they be created so that Javascript runs on whatever is inserted in the stack? Like placing an image an a FadeIn stack will make the image fade in using javascript. If this can't be don…

Transfer Site Editors

Hello, I am involved in a club organization at the University of Notre Dame. Recently we had a shift in management and our unable to contact the editors of a particular site that we need access. I have tried repeatedly to sign in with a newly created log…

Bookmark Icon

Hi there, I have added Bookmark Icon in the C5 dashboard. The icons work with Firefox etc but not with internet explore 9, I just the internet explorer 'e' logo come up. Any ideas on how to get around this?

(why -must-) connecting site to concrete5 community?

err...actually it started when i had a problem with one of concrete5 addon: global areas. I found when i use it in my site, after i select one page, edit window didnt give me list of block in that page. Instead, it give me "unable to load sitemap data" wi…

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