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Site been Hacked

it appears a c5 site I have has been hacked somehow, could someone give me some advice on how to fix it? the site in question is the problem is


I am coming to Concrete from the nightmarish world of Drupal and thus far I like what I see. One of things I have often had to do in Drupal while developing sites, adding modules etc is to go into the database and force a logout by clearing a few table e…

Lost the toolbar

Hello All I am in the process of trying to convert an Artisteer theme (exported as an HTML page) into Concrete5. All was going well and I had most elements in place. The converted theme showed up, I installed it, set it as my default theme - and …

c5bundle - You Gotta Get It!

Hi All, It's official c5bundle is now available for purchase. To top it off we included a cool YouTube Video. Check it out - You can grab your copy at - -Thomas

Theme "desactivated" without doing anything

Hi We have few C5 website created and hosted for our clients, and only one has this problem. For some reasons, sometimes, without anything done on the website, everything doesnt display properly. I've realised that going to dashboard>pages>themes wi…

TinyMCE in Chrome Locking Up

I usually use Google Chrome as my browser of choice. Now I'm having issues with that. When I go to edit a content block on my site, the browser tab locks up. I'm not doing anything major, just typing in words (no formatting, etc.) Has anyone else se…

Happy New Year!

Here is the wishes for a very happy new year for all. Binoy.

In less than 23hrs c5bundle launches!

Hey All, Just wanted to let you know we will be working around the clock to get the c5bundle all ready for launch. With b-lew in mind we have a very special gift to start off and a few throughout the sale of the c5bundle. Any way check it out a…

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