Fatal Error on VPS

Hi Everyone. I'm having more issues on this VPS host. The site was working perfectly up until the weekend when it imploded. There was an error with APC which the hosts have fixed but we are getting this error now. Fatal error: Trying to clone an unc…

<b> instead <strong>

hello guys, i have problem. how to use instead in text? help me

Permissions errors on Go Daddy

Hi Everyone, Before you start telling me Go daddy is crap, I know, but client's account is with them & they don't want to move. Site is ready to go live & hiding behind a landing page while we iron out the last few issues. The main one being this er…

concrete5 vs Sitefinity 4

Hey all, I've used Sitefinity as my CMS of choice in the past and it was pretty decent in the 3.x versions. However, with the new version being a disaster, I am looking to move on to a new CMS. I am liking what I have seen so far in concrete5 and am …

Getting my own hosting and domain name onto Concrete 5

Hi, I have just started to use Concrete 5, I have my own domain name and hosting elsewhere...I'm just wondering how to get started really...it says you have to download a file which I have but I'm struggling with where to go next! Cheers Craig

News Module

Coming from Joomla, I'm used to place a newstrigger on my site's. For instance the first 2 headlines form a newsitem catagory. How could I achieve this with Concrete5?

Can't Login

In the middle of the day we lost the ability to login to the site. We are getting 500 errors and through hours of debugging we were able to get it to "No input file specified" and "Page not found." The site hangs on the /login/do_login/ page.

Installing Concrete5

I deleted concrete5 and then re-installed because i could not edit my website using my username and password generated by concrete5. Now i want to access my website and the installation prompt comes up. I filled on necessary information - that is my mysql…

Transfer/Assign License To User

Hello All :: Read other threads on this topic, but cannot find answer to this issue. I've purchased a license under my username, and need to assign it to a client site who has their own user name. I end up here http://www.concrete5.org/profile…

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