Camel-Case Table Names - Changing Soon?

Wondering if there's any effort underway to use all lowercase table names in Concrete5. I'd be happy to help out with this...or maybe nobody has a problem with it. I've been coding php for 4 years and I've never seen anything but exclusively lowercase …

Orangutans SOS - Help save em!

We have just launched the Orangutans SOS t-shirt design competition using a modified version of the Contests Add-on and Tony's Popup Block. Please check it out at, and please vote for your favourite t-shirt.

upgade problems from 5.3.2 to

I have tried to upgrade my version 5.3.2 to I am on a Mac OSX I have downloaded and followed the instructions and in my FTP Fileziilla dragged the concrete file to the FTP many different ways then tried to open the url stated in the i…

new user

need to know how to start the page over. problem is that i have a slide show that i want to get rid of and cant

editing a theme page

how do I erase / change the "MY SITE" to the name I want? I'm very new at this, so give me simple and complete instructions. thanks

Invoices for marketplace purchases

Hi, I recently purchased the eCommerce block. I did get a receipt. However, my accountant won't be able to use it for my bookkeeping if it doesn't have: - My company's name and address. - If possible the VAT number. If it's impossible to get tho…

Need Help Will Pay Now!

I have no idea how to use concrete5 I was trying to use it added a block and it added the add to header and div tags to a clients site with the edit page stuff?? Will pay you through PayPal...

FileImporter fails when a path is not entered

Hi, I have been following this page to add in a file submission field into a form: My code works fine when there is a file selected. However, when there is no …

How do I edit my Auto Nav?

I have a client's site already on a server and I am in edit mode and I have no idea how to edit an auto nav?

Upgrading to C5.4.1.1

Hello, I am rather new to C5. I have a site that I have inherited that was developed in 2009 so I know it's an older version. I want to host it and do some revisions. Can I upgrade the site to C5 or will I lose everything? I have uploaded the files to …

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