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Hi all, Is there a gallery out there like this one: Thanks, wrexe

Page Child Names in Page Type Defaults

Hi all, I reworked my site using the amazing possibilities of the global scrapbook assigning blocks to my pagetypes by default. When activating the blocks to the child pages I realized that all the page names are somehow weird... I probably copied some…

moved website -> image links wrong

Hello, I migrated my concrete site (latest version), from to I edited my site.php file to reflect the changes like this: define('BASE_URL', ''); define('DIR_REL', ''); The site loads o…

Concrete On steroids

This thread has been discontinued although it still contains a lot of valuable information. For the latest discussions on Miser, please post your questions in the thread: "Miser - Website OptiMISER".…

Drupal-like Groups

I'm considering moving from Drupal, and was wondering if concrete5 has the ability (like Drupal, via its Organic Groups add-on)for users (not the developer)to create their own private groups. Thank you very much.

Losing webpages with

Hi, I just lost hundreds of webpages after installing When tried to restore from the backup fron C5, it crashed my site with the follow error messages as attached. Anyone can help?

3 forum improvements

Hi. I love the new redesign on the site, but I feel like there are a few small UI improvements that could be made which would really help usability: 1) In the old site, the popup window for adding a reply to a forum thread could be dragged around. This…

Error when submitting content

On a new install, when I submit content to a block I get the following error: Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ADODB_Exception' with message 'mysql error: [1062: Duplicate entry '1-1' for key 1] in EXECUTE("insert into CollectionVersionBlockStyles (cID…

Move database

Hi! I did a not so very clever mistake when starting to build up a site for a customer. I installed concrete in "" and set up the concrete to make the tables in the database of "" instead of "". Is there any way to move the tables wi…


Add Database/MySQL to Current Specialties

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