Total Visits Counter Stopped Counting

I am using version 5,4.1.1 and my "Number of visits since your previous login" and "Total visits" counters stopped working. The site has run smoothly since I started over a year ago. Any ideas on how to fix this? I am not a sophisticated user to say th…


Hi, I have noticed a problem in my e-commerce package. When someone tries to purchase something from my website, there is a message saying that there needs to be a minimum of $72 in the cart. How do I get rid of that and allow people to buy something f…

C5 website suggestion

Would be cool if you could add themes or add-ons to an overall or project specific wish list. Even better would be some way to try out some of the add-ons when I'm working on sites for clients. Some things just don't reveal themselves until you use them.

IE9 Rendering

What is with IE9?? It doesn't render half my site the way the other browsers do, and my jquery carousel isn't even firing in IE9. UGH.

installing JW player

Hi all, Which file exactly should I place the script from number 2?? and Which file exactly should I place the script from number 3?? My home page theme is Column Cruiser.. 2. Include the jwplayer.js somewhere in the head of your website: 3…

External Jquery Code

How can I include external jquery coding into Concrete5? I've tried using the blocks & failed. Can I use blocks or would I have to put the coding into the php default pages?

Looking for add-on to schedule content

I have been digging around in the add-ons for a while now. I'm looking for an add-on that will allow me to schedule content to appear. For example, I would like to have an article (block) to appear on a certain page at a certain date/time for x number…

Help editing the Autonav function: Display pages below

I have a client who has a pretty large website with a parent section with 10 child pages. These 10 child pages are parent pages to between 2 & 6 pages each. I need to edit the autonav function: Display pages below, to become Display Pages below & disp…

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