will c5 v work with php 5.3.x

I'm having problems finding out if my current version of C5 will work with php 5.3.x as our hosting supplier is upgrading from php5.2.x in 2 weeks time.... can someone please advise..?

GPL Addons Final Policy Decision?

Ugh, I really don't want this to turn into a GPL vs whatever thread... I just remember http://www.concrete5.org/community/forums/chat/gpl-in-the-marketplace/#145687 and haven't been able to find the final "official" word on this. Please don't hit m…

replacing inappropriate content?

I found a file that has a set of replacement words and phrases for inappropriate content (curse words) but it doesn't seem to actually work. Is this something I need to switch on or somehow code?

Addthis script interferes with Concrete5

I have set up a site for a colleague using my own themes. The site is www.intervac.pl. In default.php I placed the following script from Addthis.com which places Facebook, Share and Tweet buttons on the home page. This script, however, results in the page…

No input file specified Error Message

I haven't seen this error message on the forums in quite some time but it popped up on an old site today. I have an install of that on all of the sub-pages I am getting a 'No input file specified' error message. No code changes were made to the …

How login box is work

hi all, i am very new for C5. I add login box from add-ons. when user click on sign in button i want to connect that to next page. how can i add new page or connect to the next page. http://notwell.c5host.com/index.php/about/medical-staff-login/

Is it possible to change the UPDATES folder path?

I just converted an existing site to C5. The client uses a folder named UPDATES already, so their customers can download software patches via FTP. I would like to change the folder that C5 uses to download updates. Is this possible? Thanks! Joe

Can't login

Hi, I'm a new user of C5. Last week i start create a web site on C5 host (I didn't pay anything) just trying to create web site. I try to log in from my web site page (at the button), and it redirect me to a page not found. I don't know how to go …

new C5 optimized hosting

Hi all, Just wanted to invite you to check out http://c5spot.com It's a great solution for webshops or designers. Comes complete with APC caching pre-enabled, one step C5 application installer, and cloudflare plesk integration. It's built on rock …

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