New Theme Sneak Peek - Foundation

I have a new theme pending approval for the marketplace called 'Foundation.' It will be a responsive theme based on the ZURB Foundation framework. It will include a dashboard configuration area, too! It will be a powerful alternative to Bootstrap! …

European hosting companies -- who do you recommend?

Hi folks, Users occasionally ask us to recommend hosting companies based in Europe. What Europe-based companies offer packages that work well with concrete5? Any companies in particular work well for small businesses? What about reseller packages for u…

page with login

I am wanting to add a page to my website that only people with a generic user name and password can get onto, what is the best way to do this

Picnik Replacement to be backported to 5.4?

Does the C5 Core team have any plans to back-port the picnik replacement to also support those who are stuck (for whatever reason) on the last release of 5.4? Franz: maybe you want to comment about this in the totally random this week?

CloudFlare question

I just started using CloudFlare on a couple of C5 sites. My question is how should I set C5's cache settings for best performance. If anyone who has been using CloudFlare could let me know which setting works best, it would be most helpful. Thanks.

making my site fit to the full size of the browser!

hi hope someone can help. I there anyway that you can make a website fit to the full size of the web browser page?? as it seem to be wasting a lot of space that could be utilised. as you can see from the attachment there is a lot of space down eithe…

Extend Concrete5 Permissions cascade fault

Guys, Have noticed when setting permsions on Extend Concrete 5 in Sitemap the secondary pages such as Install, Update, and themes and Addons are not restricted as they should be. This can be seen when opening the Dashboard panel. Extend Concrete5 is …

Lightbox Not Working

Is there a reason I can't get the Lightbox to work. The option is checked in the product list, full image has been added.. yet when i hover, there doesn't seem to be a link. And when u click nothing happens. Any help?


Can anyone explain what cache means, I don't understand what the speed settings are. What should I set for that? Thanks

Concrete5 in New Zealand

Hi, Concrete5 has been growing rapidly over the past 18 months and there was a point back in 2010 that I had met (or at least knew of) each Concrete5 developer here. For those who have discovered C5 over the past 18 months - Hello! Full Flavour M…

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