Slow load times

Hi Guys, I am a web developer and do lots of work with both custom bespoke html/css/php sites and also with wordpress sites. For one of my personal websites I recently decided to convert it to concrete5. I have for a long time searched for a simple page …

Premium tutorials

Hello Comunity, I am looking for someone willing to screencast/write premium tutorials. If anyone is interested please contact me via message. Thank you.

Superfish Menu

I have added the Superfish Menu to my site, I want to change the background of the menu to an image. I have changed the "design" and added a background image, but it does not show up on the site after saving. Is there a…

C5 turns PNG into a jpeg?!?

Hi Guys Came across a weird issue. We are adding a png image through an add-on but when it displays on the page, and I look at the source code, it changes the file type to a jpeg, displaying it in a black background?!? When I view the file in the fi…

registration/login problems

Hello everyone, A client recently complained about the following problems with login/registration on his C5 site: (1) If you've already registered with a particular email address, attempts to re-register with that same email address kick you back to…

some promotional help

would love some thoughts here: thx.

How can I show/share my site statistics to everyone

I have added the code to a page on my site to try to show my current site statistics. I can only view the results when signed in. Is there a way to have it display to everyone? Page I have added the code/block:

Run code on every page

I am working on an add-on to extent the profile and make it work more like a jomsocial style social network and one of the features is a JavaScript tool bar that appears at the bottom of every page displaying basic information. The tool bar is written in …

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