Pictures in File Manager

I have my page created and everything has been going well until recent. I am attempting to add additional photos to my File Manager to be added to the website. Upon completing the upload the photo preview has the error icon and doesn't load on the webpa…


Is anyone using this PHP debug tool from Mozilla? I notice the Wiki Server Libraries ( ) have everyone under the sun EXCEPT Concrete5. Is there any solution or advice on this?

SPAM Notice

Hi all, I've received a spam email from a user over here.. Where can I report it? Or should I just post it here? Cheers..!

Block disappears

Hi, I have a problem, when I want to edit block, after modyfing and saving block all block disappears. What should I do?

Why are the simple things SO HARD TO USE???????

I'm a PHP professional who is thrilled with using the Zend Framework. I was obviously thrilled that Zend "endorsed" concrete5. Now I'm going through the exercise (as every consultant should do) of actually using concrete5 before I recommend to my clie…

PM Spam

I just received spam from a user, lilian00. Is there any way to block PMs coming from a particular user.

Problem after i restore

I paste the error log last message can some one help me with this. [13-Oct-2010 07:51:52] PHP Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ADODB_Exception' with message 'mysql error: [1054: Unknown column 'Pages.cPointerExternalLinkNewWindow' in 'field list'] in …

Can't access Project page

I can't access my project page. I've created an separate account for the community. As I use the link from the dashboard saying: 'There appears to be nothing currently available to install from your project page.' I am asked to sign-in. Each time I…

Can't connect to Community and Marketplace

Hello, when i try to connect to the communtity i get an error message telling me that curl is not installed or my provider is blacklistet. I contacted my provider and he told me that curl is installed, but his firewall is blocking it from making connecti…

Has anyone noticed that if you click the little "concrete5" link at the bottom of your site where it says "built with concrete5", it takes you to the American Concrete Institute webpage? Hmmmmmmm....

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