My websites doesn't show the linking required code

My websites doesn't show the linking required "code" to Enable the Pretty URL's to be set up in the .htaccess file Im missing the lines of code It doesn't show anything, just a blank Space What should I do to resolve this problem? Let me know. T…

Trouble moving first page in site-map page ordering

Hey guys, I haven't had any trouble moving pages around in the flat-view site map. However I would like to move the first listed page to a new location for my auto-nav and put another in its place. The problem is that the first page appears in gray and …

Search Photo Descriptions or File Names

I want to search descriptions for photos in a gallery block. I've updated descriptions on the individual photos, added a search block but search doesn't find the descriptions. The application is for a consignment store where the owner wants clients to be …

Banzaii.. won the prize!

Hey!, i just won the week prize in conrete5 community. i cannot believe, the prize exist after all, this is the first time i won the prize in online. And the prize is quite high too, thank you very much.

Free Shared Hosting for beginners

Hi, there! For those who are new and have no idea where and how to host. And don't want to spend money on it, there are many free hosters out there. One I've found is pushing the ladder higher for cheap paid hosting sites. What speaks for it: - …

Camel-Case Table Names - Changing Soon?

Wondering if there's any effort underway to use all lowercase table names in Concrete5. I'd be happy to help out with this...or maybe nobody has a problem with it. I've been coding php for 4 years and I've never seen anything but exclusively lowercase …

Orangutans SOS - Help save em!

We have just launched the Orangutans SOS t-shirt design competition using a modified version of the Contests Add-on and Tony's Popup Block. Please check it out at, and please vote for your favourite t-shirt.

upgade problems from 5.3.2 to

I have tried to upgrade my version 5.3.2 to I am on a Mac OSX I have downloaded and followed the instructions and in my FTP Fileziilla dragged the concrete file to the FTP many different ways then tried to open the url stated in the i…

new user

need to know how to start the page over. problem is that i have a slide show that i want to get rid of and cant

editing a theme page

how do I erase / change the "MY SITE" to the name I want? I'm very new at this, so give me simple and complete instructions. thanks

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