Running through CLI

Is there a way to run/call a C5 page through PHP CLI? I need to do this because adding a huge number of pages (migrating old data) through the API takes A LOT of time when run through the web server, while takes a fraction of that time when run with CLI.…

Does page structure URL affect SEO?

I have a client who has been recommended by his SEO company to change the way that the page URL's display by default in C5. He reckons that it affects the SEO of the site. Is he right or talking out of his @$$?

Scribd Documents

bought and installed the scribd add on. Got my scribd account etc. Tried to add a block etc. this is what I got. Fatal error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in C:\xampp\htdocs\concrete5.4.1\packages\nalberto_scribd\blocks\nalberto_scribd\contro…

Page not found broke after update?!?

Hi Guys I have just upgraded a site from 5.4.1 to and by doing so has broken the page not found. When this page comes up I get an error message like: Warning: include(/data02/dojo/public_html/…

Hide Site from Being Indexed Until Ready to Launch

How do I build a site in C5 but keep it hidden from the web crawlers that index pages until I'm ready to launch the site? I'm not sure how frequently new pages get indexed and am concerned that my site will get indexed before I have all the content loaded…

Sales rep locater

Kind of a store locator... I want to have a potential customer type in a zip code and it would pull up my corresponding sales rep info (I only have 6 reps). Picture, contact info, email link etc???


Could someone tell me what rescan does? Thanks.

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