Theme/Website review

Hi to all C5 members, Open offers of website review. Need some help..... Built my new theme and would like feedback on it. Tested it on browsers available to me and a couple smart phones. I would like to know how you see it and if you see …

ProEvents3 released

Hi all, ProEvents3 has been publish and is available for download. There are some really sick features added this go with many improvements. - front end interface is now independent of any dashboard permissions - new AJAX full calendar - new and …

Unsubscribe from jobs email notifications

Hi there, how can I unsubscribe from email notifications sent through the C5 jobs board. For some reason I don't see the "Stop Monitoring" button.... Thank you. Alex

Guestbook/Comments Mailer

I have a client Concrete 5 site. The web files are stored on one host, but the Email accounts are hosted elsewhere. When I place an email in the notify email section of the Comments section. If a person posts a comment, and notify email is email@myweburl…

Project Page Shows Wrong Version For Two Sites

I have two website projects that are both using Concrete5 version but are listed on my Projects Page as using version 5.4.1 One of the Projects has a Stage version of the other does not. How can this be corrected.

Showing log entries in the actual sequence they were made

I have been playing with code and inserting notes to the Log system to work out what is going on and to debug blocks on my development system. Unfortunately, the standard Log::getList method seems to return them out of sequence. I suspect because on any p…

Live Screencast on Designer Content Block

New to C5, I have already become an avid viewer of the Totally Random show. Unfortunately, the 14 April "Live Screencast on Designer Content Block" seems to be inaccessible to me. Was it really only shown at 10AM Pacific Time? So is it now unavailable? Ca…

Sitemap not Working

Hi C5 Fans, I'm working on a site for a client and have run into a problem that I haven't encountered before. I'm running version 4.1.1 and when I access the sitemap through the dashboard I can't expand the Plus Minus pages to show child pages. Not …

Looking for a C5 Designer?

Hi all, I am looking for a C5 designer to create a layout and logo design. Do you have any suggestions or can you contact me directly with your portfolio if you are available for work? Thanks so much.

Best calendar

Hi All, What calendar plugin do most people use? Looking for the easiest to use and install

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