Add user to Group not working - what am i missing?

New to C5 - need help - Have 5.4.1 - from dashboard - goto user - edit user - add group - from pop up select group - group displays under group as it should - click update user - nothing happens - check groups and user not listed. Need suggestion what to…

Grant Limited Access to Blog Entry in Dashboard

How do I grant access to the dashboard for blog admin but not give her access to anything else on the dashboard? Alternatively, is access to the dashboard the only point from which to enter new blog content?

Pages with 'Layout' load but then go blank with IE6

I know we all wish that IE6 would simply go away, but I was dismayed to find my site does not even display for these poor backward users. has 3 pages (including the HOME page!!) which use Layouts. On these, the pages load, the …

Not existing searchresults

Hey there, I'm relatively new to concrete5 and I love it. Anyway I have a problem with the searchblock. A search on my site returns results that I can't see anywhere on my pages. In particular the text found is some "new to concrete5" text. A search…

Upgrade to 5.4.1

Just upgraded from In Dashboard, most of the "buttons" are blank, that is, there is no wording to say what the button does. Not sure if files were not uploaded properly or what?

Discussion Board Bugging Out

Hey Guys, I can't get Discussion's to work properly. It might be a combination of permissions and bugs but I wanted to swing this past you guys for some ideas. As an administrator, I can add, edit, delete posts with no problem. I have set up a…

IE9 help

Need a fix for IE9 beta viewing of a website, The Nav is not displaying properly. I think it is a float problem but not sure. Any advice on making a common-ie9.css to remedy the nave display? Thanks,

Ecommerce question

Hi everyone, This is a question about ecommerce. My website will sell the following services: Courses which are categorized by private vs class course, by length, by date, and by location. How could I use ecommerce so that when someone choses …

Change of domain names and how it affects my concrete 5 website

Hi, I initially wanted my website's domaain to be However, now I changed it to (blue host did) However I am concerned as when I type it leads me directly to www.dexteritasinstit…

Veteran's Day Wishes

As a military vet, I would like to extend best wishes to all the vets in the C5 community. Thank you for being there.

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