Keeps asking to log in, no items in cart when you go to checkout.

Ok, so I have been testing my new site extensively all day and everything works perfectly. ( with core ecommerce). So a friend volunteers to create a user and make a purchase to test it and things are now really messed up. I search…

Apache 2.2 ReWrite and the .htaccess file

Ok Folks The dreaded GoDaddy support issues. For almost a month, I have been attempting to get a site to work again after the host has upgraded their servers to Apache 2.2. I have another thread that some folks gave me some suggestions but its a no g…

Concrete5 RULES!!!

Hiya, Just wanted to say how impressed I am with concrete5. I was able to build a site in hours and what was long was writing the texts and preparing the media files... The whole part with installing concrete5 and configuring it, it went like a breeze.…

Advanced permissions on area

Hi, I've a problem with the Advanced Permissions on Areas. I set the permissions from Pages and Themes> Page Types> Default and given permissions in the various areas that make up the page to limit the display of the blocks and I clear my site cache. …

deleting a project

Just a heads up, you can now "delete" a project page from your my account area. Let it never be said that we don't "listen". ;-P

BlockController save method issue

Hi, I try to make a custom block type. I built the controller.php according to the example and overwrote save method of the parent BlockController class. Block adding and editing works well until I quit from edit mode and publish my edit. When I go bac…

Concrete5 'How-Tos' from 1969

A note for the core team- It's like something from the Twilight Zone or Back to the Future.. Check out and you'll find some How tos from December, 31st, 1969. Weird no?

Admin account inacive

I was in system maintenance > jobs and i ran checked after that my admin account went inactive any idea how to re-activate the admin account.

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