New eCommerce?

Hi all, Does anyone know when/if a new version of the eCommerce block will be available? Not quite satisfied with it in it's current state and was hoping a major revision or an alternative version was coming soon. Cheers, Dan

Things I like about the community

Winners for the most Karma! WOOT! How great! Other CMS's have the "Karma" parts, but to actually see some rewards, NEAT! The community leader "badge" another interesting yet, great way to promote…


Am I the only one that has problems with the forum layout ? The forum titles have disappeared, posts appearing multiple times, ... If this is by design, then I definitely prefer the previous design! Cheers, Tom Edit: another annoyance: clicking o…

An Open Letter to C5 & The Community

Dear Franz & the Team, This post is meant as constructive feedback and not as a whinge, having said that what has prompted this post is a concern and we feel that as a business there a couple of things that would make life considerably easier. First…

New here

Hi all, Just stumbled on Concrete5 and it looks pretty powerful. Has anyone got tips or tricks for working with it. I've been coding for quite a few years in plain PHP will Concrete5 be a complete jolt to the system or a steady progression? Thank…

Upgrade 5.3.2 to latest version

I have recently had problems upgrading a few sites. What is the best process to upgrade from 5.3.2 to the latest version.

Git Wit It

So are there still plans to move the C5 repo to Git, or has that notion been scrapped? -Steve

ftp-directory included in website

hey guys, is there a nice way to include a ftp directory into my concrete5 website, where people can download things? thanks!!

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