Username or Real Name

This bother me.. post by admin >> something not common here or post by DelPiero >> cannot add space is should be : post by Del Piero >> admin real name, nice look :) to accompolish that i add real_name to user attribut so what we gone do next?…

New Year Beanstream Payment Gateway Giveaway

In the spirit of Michaelg's giveaway of themes on Christmas Day (which I sadly missed out on), (thread here:, I will be giving away free licences for our Beanstream Pay…

OOCSS and C5

Hi, I've recently begun reading about, and experimenting with, Object-Oriented CSS ( http://www ). First, it seems REALLY cool. By streamlining and modularizing CSS code, you can simplify maintenance and speed page load times. Nicole Sull…


Just wanted to say Happy New Years to everyone, hope you can get up tomorrow ;) Mike

5.5 FM Upload Multiple -> Add Remote Files

After uploading some remote files the 'Basic Properties' tab is displayed, but the content of the tab is way off to the right hand side. See attached screenshots. Using FF8/Windows, not tested in any other browser

5.5 Display files in no sets

In 5.5 file manager I have not found how to filter based on 'no sets'. 5.4 had the option 'Display files in no sets' which is rather useful. Any ideas welcome -Paul

Small bug in forums

Howdy people, this is probably a message for Andrew, not sure where else to put it. I'm noticed a few times lately on the forum cases where someone has cut and pasted some code into a message and it's broken the page. It also prevents further commen…

What general web dev / design forums do you visit?

This community has some really helpful people on it. It's a quality crowd here, imo. I have joined a few forums about web dev and design in the past and haven't really found anything quite this good anywhere else. Not sure if it's because we're still a sm…

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