forgot password

Hey C5, concerning I use a login form to have access to the website. There is nevertheless an "forgot password" option on the login screen. But I don't want it there. Because I wish that the administrator organize and manage the u…

Login page theme

Where is this controlled? I want to change the layout and the background image Thanks


Hey C5, I wonder if it is not possible to organize the members visually in a kind of folders. Because when there are a lot of users, the list becomes a little unstructured. maybe an organizing on base of the user groups. Is this possible? thank y…

Next Version Release and New Roadmap News

Concrete 8.3.3 has become Concrete 8.4.0 and is due for release on June 1st.. There is a new Concrete Roadmap and you can read all about it in Andrew's Blog post..

EZ Product Coming Soon

I am actively developing a new ecommerce package for the marketplace, called EZ Product. EZ Product will be a more robust version of EZ Paypal. There will be four blocks included in the package: - EZ Cards: Display a Paypal badge and / or accepted…

file storage location

Dear, I did understand that it is possible to put files in another location than the default location. I wish to store some files in a specific place ie. /images directory. But what i don't know is what the "root path" and the "relative path" exactly…

unexpected error

Does anyone know what this error is and how to fix please? An unexpected error occurred. An exception occurred while executing 'select count(cID) from MultilingualSections': Error while sending QUERY packet. PID=211258

password problem

I cant login to my site as forgot the password. There is a problem with my password reset page. The address from the password reset link goes here: This is wrong as it should be: ht…

Mass Mailing Addon

Is there any possibility of mass mailing addon compatible to 8+ version? Just like Tony's mailing list we had in version 5.6?


Hey, Concerning I wish to know how iT comes that my website load So slow. IT takes more than 30 seconde. The visitors do not wait for this. What can I do? Best regards, Stefaan De Reu

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