concrete5 legacy versions

Does anyone know where these moved? The only link I found requires login but my creds dont work. Looks like its for c5 core access only.

"Page Statistics" MySQL error

We have a few Concrete5 sites that have been randomly coming up with a "Page Statistics" MySQL error. We have been having to disable Page Statistics in the site.php inorder for the website to come back up. We are using version

Using PayPal Simple Sales Tool with Concrete5

Hi people, I am fairly new to concrete5 and have a client who wants to sell short stories through Paypal. Does anyone have any experience adding PayPal Simple Sales Tool (see for further information) t…

5.7 in-context editing UI woes & improvement suggestions

While I do understand that core team is working on release with marketplace integration and all kinds of fixes, I think we should be already discussing about the next steps of the in-context editing UI. Many aspects of the new UI works just great,…

Where is the promised maintenance release for Concrete5 v

I'll do hope the C5 community bug reports for where not for nothing. There is no download link for the version, but there … ?

Amongst all the excitement for 5.7: - where has the download for gone to - as it has been on the downloads and stable for a while, when will it become an official release and in the dashboard update?

Save Button is missing from the properties page

Hy Guys, Not sure if Chit Chat is the right forum but here goes...Anyone know why the Save Button would be missing from the Properties Page of my website. I wanted to change the name of the blog page, which I did but there is no 'Save' or Cancel' bu…

Free Photos for your Web Projects

Hi Guys, In case you are looking for stock photos for your web projects you could check out PHOTOFOUNT They provide free photos for personal and commercial works. Cheers!

Why Adobe Flash only?

Hello C5ers, why does C5, this great FOSS of a CMS, require Adobe Flash even to upload user profile pictures on c5 website, which doesnt exist even at the most proprietary of services? could you please liberate this situation? thank you very much…

Favourite missing pages on

With the site redesign a few months ago, some pages are now missing from the index or much harder to find. One of my favourites was related projects: Do you have any links for useful bu…

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