Version 8

Is anyone else find the latest version of C5 less than expected? Ive now created two sites with this version and am going back to 5.7. These are some of the basic things I have noticed: • Installation requires custom edit of PHP installation. (most n…

Swiss concrete5 meetup

Hi there To all Swiss concrete5 enthusiasts: We soon will have our second "Swiss concrete5 Enthusiasts" meetup in Zürich. It would be lovely to meet as much as possible Swiss concrete5 users, editors and developers.… webhosting

Has anyone had any experiences/use web hosting ? They offer a SSL cert and say they are optimized for C5. Anyone have any experience?

Wave Text 3

I have released Wave Text 3, which is now responsive and has many more options! It's free, and works with 5.7 and 5.8. If you're using Wave Text 2, upgrading should be seamless.

Sort pagelist by numeric custom attribute

I'm posting this because it took me forever and a lot of guess to figure this out. Hoping to save others the hassle. If you are trying to sort by a numeric attribute neither [code]$pl->sortBy('ak_ATTRIBUTE_HANDLE');[/code]or [code]$pl->sortByAttribut…

Integrating Paypal into Community Store

This may not be the right forum, but... I am trying to set up a basic store. Three items (camp registration). I have installed the Community Store. I uploaded the Community Store Paypal Standard from github, but for the life of me can't see where I integ…

Drop Down Menus

Hi all, I am in the process of building my website. I have a question about drop down menus. I have attached an image which better shows what I hope to get done. Any feedback or help would be most appreciated. Thanks Darren www.melangecounsell…

Concrete5 Forms

Hi Guys Still having an issue with my online forms here. Is it normal to have just the nameserver listed in the etc/resolv.conf file? Trying to understand exactly what it is dong.. Any advice would be greatly appreciated - thanks

Just Basic Usability!!!!

I have been designing and building websites since 1995. I cannot figure out how to make a website with Concrete5. No matter how I approach it, there are always several steps I needed to do before whatever I am trying to do. I have gotten nowhere!!! Som…

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