How much would it cost?

Still looking for a nice slider. Tried everything in the addons only one that is something like is Pro slider, but it's not responsive. So how much would it cost for someone to develop Pro Slider that is responsive?

Connecting to communitty

Having issues connecting to community. Should I delete all sites in project page in page and reconnect to communitty? Deleted market place tokens already. Did not make a connection.

Concrete5 Danmark is promoting 5.7.5 on a fun approach!

Hi all, We decided a while ago that we would make a little gag on every major release of 5.7. And of course also with 5.7.5. So here is a little flight from Portland Int. airport to the office og concrete5 in Portland (with a little twist). On route…

Multiple CSS Loading in Browser

Hello, On this site, you will notice that the search box is not exactly the way it should be. When we do Inspect Element on this page, and navigate to /concrete/css/ directory, we see multiple CSS loaing. Not sur…

5.7 still doesn't work for me

I tried 5.7 a while ago and it did work. When I went to edit mode the blocks didn't go into edit mode as in the video. Tried it again today and it still doesn't work Some people seem to have it working, but how? I'm using chrome if that makes a …

Form Submissions - View Access Only

I have users who need access to the Form Results page to download files that have been uploaded via these forms. Is there a way to set permissions so that these users can only download the files and not Delete the submissions? It would also be great i…

Best full-width slider?

Responsive, title/text overlay and hyperlinked? Tried OWL can't position Title and no hyperlink on image. Any others?

Dashboard Stats - How to show more

Hi All, Please see the attached screenshot from the Dashboard statistics. How can I edit this so that it shows the last 30 files downloaded? Thank you! Mike

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