Removing ELEMENTAL from the Header area

How do you remove the word ELEMENTAL from the Header area please? Concrete5.7.5.8 is way more difficult than I feel comfortable with. Just can't seem to get my head around it. Thank to anyone for their advice and help. Fanflame

Mobile Theme

Where do I find the mobile page file? Would like to remove a few blocks.

SEO - versus

Hello, Regarding my Webmaster Tools Site Settings, it was recently set to: Display urls as - but I've read that this may not be the best setting for SEO purposes. I'm not even sure why the redirect was set up in the first place. Most s…

Google Adsense and page caching

Hi, Just wanted to clear something up and ask the experts. Will page caching in concrete5 affect adsense revenue? I'm not technically savvy enough to figure this one out. I noticed that when I temporarily turned off page caching, my adsense rev…

Crashed Table on 5.6

One of my client's sites had this error show up on the TLD and all pages: An Unexpected Error has Occured [code]mysqlt error: [144: Table './charism2_triumph/Blocks' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed] in EXECUTE("select Blocks.b…

Tutorial markup

Is there a guide to the markup used to edit the tutorials? I'm especially interested in knowing how to adjust a code box. It apparently isn't the same as the markup used in the forums. VR, Neal

Open data and Integration with CKAN

Hi everyone, I'm interested in using Concrete5 integrating with CKAN to display open data and ideally be able to visualise data. I was just wondering if anyone has built such a site before or whether it can be done without the use of CKAN and host all …

ecommerce plugin issue

mysqlt error: [1062: Duplicate entry 'product' for key 'btHandle'] in EXECUTE("INSERT INTO BlockTypes(btID,btHandle,btName,btDescription,btActiveWhenAdded,btCopyWhenPropagate,btIncludeAll,btIsInternal,btDisplayOrder,btInterfaceWidth,btInterfaceHeight,pkgI…

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