Make Responsive Tables

I really like what you have done with: However I have lots of different tables and placing the Label "data labels" in the css for each of them is not really practical. Can…

Can't Edit

Hi There.... All of a sudden the edit button does not appear on my page....can anyone help? I have cleared my cache but no luck still.

What is the max image size for a slider

My question is a basic one. What is the recommended slider image ratio so larger wide screen monitors are covered? When you are creating images for your slider how wide should you make them so they will fit larger monitors? Thanks,

Weird MAMP problem with QuizMaker add-on

Anyone use MAMP? For some reason, the image paths for the QuizMaker add-on's dashboard buttons (delete, up, and down icons) are broken when I install it locally via MAMP. As far as I have seen, this is the only thing that is broken and it's the first time…

Introducing auto completion to Concrete5

Hi everybody, I like to introduce you to two new add-ons in the marketplace I'm quite proud of: Google Auto Completion and Search Auto Completion. While the first is doing what its name says, it adds Google's auto completion functionality to your page,…

Stop Hyphenation in Safari & Firefox

Hi, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask about this. I am almost at the end of a site build and I have been working in Chrome throughout. Now however during my cross browser testing I see that Safari and iOS devices are hyphenating words and I don NOT …

error when accessing blog when not logged in

I get this message on my page when trying to access the blog. Either this page type is not set up for composer, or you do not have permissions to access composer. Not sure what to do. I checked permissions and guest has read access. Any ideas?

Need better navigation for new forum members

I think we need a page that describe what each categories stands for. Also I'm sure that new-comers don't realize you can subscribe the entire forum categories not single thread. I like the new look. But I also no longer get to know if there is n…

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