Any correlation between CMS and SEO

I wonder if there is any direct relation between SEO and CMS. Suggestions Please. Thanks, Tyler

Strange page not found entries in logs

Hi All, I have a block on every page of the site. In the blocks view controller is some logic that inserts a line of information into a txt file. (see below). [code] $data = $this->BannerID.','.date('Y-m-d').',1'.','.$page_id. "\n"; file_put_conte…

Index file found_Webmastertools

Trying to clean up validation errors using webmastertools in Head section of Index.php. Unable to find it. Where do I find it? Page path? May be searching for some sub pages also. Regards: Dave

Exclude global block from home page.

I have a block with social links that I want to put in a global block so it is on all the pages. However I do not want it on the home page (I am using Bootstrap). How do I do this?

Systematizing Donations for Development & Support

I want to suggest that in the marketplace and forums here on there be a system to allow members with an account to "donate/contribute" to developers that help them, or in support of a project. Some developers already have donate buttons …


Hello. I am usingan addon called "Simple Soundcloud player" to play audio from Soundcloud on a website. It works fine, but I would like the option of having a simpler player (as in simpler design) to go with the design of the website. Are there any …

Will concrete5 meet my needs?

Hi, I'm looking to build a very large site with several thousand pages. I will need e-commerce functionality as well as categorised content. I will also need multiple user levels. Could you tell me if this is all possible using concrete5? Thanks

Upgrading to 5.6.3 Question

Hi Has 5.6.3 been pushed out yet because none of my sites show it as an available update? All of my sites are Just wondering. Cheers, Karen

Fatal Error

Please help. I do not know what I did but everytime someone tries to check out on my website they get the error message below. Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttributeKeyID() on a non-object in /home3/skirtrip/public_html/packages/core_commer…

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