Just one week until the UK Meetup in London!

Just a reminder for al the UK based Concrete5 developers, designers and users, we have just one week to go now until the UK meetup. Franz has been confirmed to be making an appearance and I'm sponsoring the event, so all of your food and drink requirement…

Social Stream is Now FREE

Social Stream is a feed of various social networks in one feed. I have decided to make this available for FREE mainly due to the fact that it is rather outdated and doesn't support Facebook. Get it here: https://www.concrete5.org/marketplace/addons/soci…

CRM Integration

Does anyone know what a good crm that can be integrated into my companys concrete5 website. Thank you in advance for all your help and input.

5.7 Default Email Settings

I am trying to set all the default email addresses to a generic address. I've placed this code in application/config/concrete.php [code]

Contact Us Form

I have created a Contact Us using the Form Block. I have tried using the php mail fuction() and smtp method. Neither have worked to send an email to the admin email address concerning an inquiry. GoDaddy is hosting and I have found numerous forums that s…

5.8 Express

Hi all, Have been watching the 5.8 express preview video which looks pretty cool. Just wondering what, if any, ideas people have for utilising this feature? Trying to think what cool things could be possible with this.

concrete5 official slogan?

Does concrete5 have an official slogan? "Empower your users" or something like that?

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