Send a variable too less file

Hi, Sorry if this is a newbie question. Is it possible to send a parameter to my theme less file (from php)? i mean something like font-size to less?

being hacked?

I have several C5 sites on Bluehost. All of them seem to be getting hacked, including a dummy site I just set up yesterday. home page works fine, but any link takes you to a white page. looking at page source says it's a placeholder dummy file. Hacked…

SPAM in spite of CAPTCHA

The form on this page is getting spammed so I turned on the captcha. It's still getting spammed: It's a 5.7 site. What can be done? Are there other captcha options?

A critical PHPMailer error that could affect concrete5

Hello, I am not a concrete5 expert by any means, however given that concrete5 can use PHPMailer, this could be a critical error. Just wanted to make p…

Theme Sale

New Year Sale. Brand new responsive theme for version 5.6 on offer at a reduced rate for January. Save 25% off of normal list price. Works only with concrete5 version for now. Working on a 5.7/5.8 version. Offer page: https://www.concret…

error connecting to community ( and

Hello I've 2 sites ( and that was connected to community now (suddendly) they are no more connected ... trying to connect them (with valid c5 account) gives me: first attempt: connection time out error second attempt You must…

Useful SVG Logos website

Hi all, I just stumbled on a website I thought was worth mentioning. It offers more than 800 SVG logos for tech stuff (html5, css3, bootstrap, node, vagrant...) you get the idea. AND it does include Concrete5's logo so that's pretty cool. Please…

Endless page

Hello, I just changed my theme colors, and my page has no end ... What solution?

Color of theme

Hello, my theme suits me perfectly, I would just change the color. What should I do ?

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