Will concrete5 meet my needs?

Hi, I'm looking to build a very large site with several thousand pages. I will need e-commerce functionality as well as categorised content. I will also need multiple user levels. Could you tell me if this is all possible using concrete5? Thanks

Upgrading to 5.6.3 Question

Hi Has 5.6.3 been pushed out yet because none of my sites show it as an available update? All of my sites are Just wondering. Cheers, Karen

Fatal Error

Please help. I do not know what I did but everytime someone tries to check out on my website they get the error message below. Fatal error: Call to a member function getAttributeKeyID() on a non-object in /home3/skirtrip/public_html/packages/core_commer…

My custom Form submissions works only in edit mode

Hello i make custom form and this is my code: view.php [code] Imię i Nazwisko: E-Mail: Treść wiadomości:   [/code] And the submit button only reacts at the edit mode :/. I want it to wor…

Free Add-ons are not showing up on list

Hi, I have tried today on several different computers to see add-ons ( free ) be added to the list of downloads for my account. Is there something not working? or Iam I doing something wrong? I am adding them to cart then clicking the Save for later. Th…

Storing impressions in cache over db

Hi, I have banners on my website that insert an impression into the db every time a page loads. I have 4 on a page and get a lot of traffic. This is slowing down the site. I have read that you can store data in a cache temporarily then run a script …

c5 addon suggestions?

i would like to make a c5 addon to sell , does anyone have any idea's? what do people need that they can't find in the market place? what addons are not done as good as you have liked? thank you.

Site loads, works for a few seconds, then freezes (crashes)

Hi all, I'm looking for some words of wisdom as a site I have recently developed loads, works for a few seconds, then freezes - http://www.diglandscapes.com Interestingly, when the site goes down, so does cPanel. I have to wait for a couple of hour…

Where is the concrete5 download url?

Wanted to download concrete5 v5.6.2.1 today, but's not available on the download page any more. Is this to push the 5.6.3 release? The 5.6.3 has some serious bugs. I do not see this version as stable/production use yet. .

Database inserts issue and new suggestion..

Hi Guys, I have 4 banners on all of my web pages as separate blocks. In the controller everytime a page is loaded it inserts an impression into the database. I am using he below code, it all works fine, but when i get 60+ users on my site mysql seem…

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