Building with concrete5

How to get images path from Blocks?

Hi I have a question regarding placing images folder in a block type directory. My structure is like this: [code] application - custom_block controller.php view.php add.php edit.php - images file1.jpg file2.jpg [/co…

Setting Date for articles to automatically archive

On my blog, I post job ads and they used to automatically archive after 30 days. For some reason now they only show about 15 days. I don't recall how to reset this. Any advice on how to change the amount of times articles are posted?

Bootstrap and images

struggling with getting images to be the full width of the column. I can't use img-responsive for obvious reasons. I managed to get it to override when in edit so it doesn't mess up the editing, but it's forcing the captcha image to full width. Anyone fou…

Unable to delete dashboard single page

Hi guys, I am unable to delete a dashboard single page that I created. What I did - went to site map but when clicking the link there was no delete option. Also tried to delete the files and still no delete option.

Exclude from search but not from search index!

Hi everyone. I am looking for an easy way to exclude certain subpages from the search function. E. g.: The blog under and its articles shall not show up in the search results. However they should be found by search engines lik…

new website

How would I go about creating a website where the user has to create a paid account with roles, where the user roles change week by week, changed through the php?

hello world block not showing up

Hi guys { see update EDIT below } using C5 5.7 Hello_World block not showing up I've installed several packages no issue, but this is my first time to place anything in application/blocks I downloaded hello_world from http://documentation.…

White Screen Of Death

Version : Updated: URL: UNtil yesterday the site was working correctly but now the only page visible is /index.php/login. When I look at the page source it partially renders the code in the after …

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