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Okay gang,

It's no secret that we pushed 5.5.2 up pretty quickly last week. Business politics forced our hand and being fast became important. Now that we've gone and done that, a number of small but embarrassing bugs have emerged. Some of these came from us quickly approving pull requests that seemed safe but created ripple effects. One of 'em was just our mess up and sadly makes the update link useless from newsflow (wooops!)

Since we're planning on living with this version for a couple months here while advanced permissions get tightened up, we'd rather not have harmless but embarrassing bugs floating over our heads. What we've done now is fixed the few small bugs we've been notified of and thrown this up as, the release candidate.

Here's the URL for the release candidate:

Here's how you can download that particular branch for testing:

What we're going to do is spend the next 6 days in "freeze" mode getting as reasonably tight as it can be. No, this is not last call to get your pull requests in. Yes, this is fair warning to please find stuff that is already in there that clearly SHOULD do something it doesn't. Real bugs.
So "I put 4+4 in and got 9!" is a bug. "I think that calculator should have multiplication as well as simple addition" is not a bug, thats an idea - probably a very good one, but that's not what we're looking for here. Please help us kick the tires on this thing so we don't all have to live with an annoying wobble for the next 1000 miles.

Please use the 5.5.2 bug tracker for this, even if its something completely new to the release candidate, that's where we will be watching.

Thanks in advance.

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