5.6 to 5.8 Migration Strategy

I am trying to figure out if my migration strategy is sound. I have a number of custom blocks and a custom theme for my site. Am I correct to assume that if I:

1) rebuild the blocks in version 8.0 with the same names and the same underlying templates
2) rebuild my theme with the same page types and id/class names

that I will then be able to use the migration tool without any problems? Am I missing anything else I should be doing before trying the migration tool? Will the migration tool move the pretty urls? -- i.e. will the migration tool move all of the page attributes? Will the migration tool take care of moving all the files I added under 5.6 with file manger?

Any other issues to consider?

Thank you.

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mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
the migration tool will only migrate core elements: pages, members, core attributes, core blocks...

Anything not from the core, you have to migrate yourself manually. If you keep the same database table structure it could be as simple as exporting and importing the table
dgreer replied on at Permalink Reply
Ok - now I am confused. I thought the migration tool moved pages. Let's say I have a page called sally that uses a custom block called harry and a template associated with the harry block. My plan is to rebuild the custom block and template on 5.8 and then use the migration tool to move the page.

Are you saying that I will also have to move the btharry table as well? Sorry to be dense about this.
mnakalay replied on at Permalink Reply
the tool will move the page as well as any core block content on the page.
For your custom block I think you will have to move the data manually.