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mobile theme not loading on my phone

mobile theme not loading on my phone what am i doing wrong? i installed a theme and selected that theme to apply to mobile users. did i forget to do something? what am i missing?

view controller

the view controller does not work the same way as the other pages i added the controller like this: [code]

Problems with CMS during moving to new host

Hello there, We are trying to change our hosting company. During the transfer of the web files to the new host our developer (who is not confident with Concrete5 CMS) encountered the following error. The new host says the problem lies with Concrete5 an…

Unable to Add or Edit Blocks When in Edit Mode -

I have an issue with a client project, where I can no longer add or edit blocks when in edit mode. The toolbar works just fine, and the dotted outline of the editable areas appear. I searched around in the forums, and it seems to be a jquery conflict…

APC support for 5.7.x

Does anyone know how to properly set APC for 5.7.x? (Like we were able to do it in 5.6.x versions in /config/site.php?) I assume we could set it up on /applications/config/app.php ?

Registraion with specific email domain

I'm using email for login. Is there any way to restrict public registration so that the person registering has to have a specific email domain, such as The site is built on Concrete5 version Thanks!

Encoding - Database Connections

Hi, I've been running into alot of problems with Character encoding, it seems to be database related, and I've got a sneaking suspicions it's not the table collates (which are all set to UTF8). But it's the connection to the databases. Do any of you…

How do I use secure content from a form on an SSL page?

I've looked through a lot of posts and don't believe this question is there, but basically I have a client that wants to take credit card details for a service...and this is my first time working with an SSL certificate. We don't need SSL across the wh…

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