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cache disabled when a user is logged in

i have full page cache on most pages, but when a user logs in he no longer sees the cached page and the page takes a lot longer to load.. if he has been to the page before his browser still shows the cached page, but if he visits a new page that is cache…

Auto Nav Pro issues

Hi There, I'm hoping someone can assist me. I created a responsive online store and thus purchased Auto Nav Pro as the responsive menu. I used Auto Nav Pro successfully on one of my other sites, but on this site its not working. I used the hardcode th…

Sitemap error

When I click on the Sitemap item in the dashboard, I get a connection error. Anyone know why this could be happening?

page_list sort by custom number attribute

is it possible in the page_list to search by a custom attribute i am using version 5.7.2 i already tried: [code] $pl->sortByAttribute('order', 'asc'); [/code]

Uoloading files

Hey guys I am not sure if anybody encountered this before, but every time I try to upload a picture I get this: One or more files failed to upload575392_338475282947058_446619558_n.jpg Class 'League\Flysystem\Adapter\Local' not found Does any body kno…

full page cache disabled sitewide when logged in

i want to manually disable full page cache on a couple pages and leave the rest of my site set to full page cache. i noticed that when a user is logged in the full page cache is disabled sitewide. is their a setting a solution for this.

Extend core functioanlity

Hello I am trying to extend font-awesome icons class which are located in Concrete\Src\Sharing\SocialNetwork\ServiceList in getServices function. I have tried by doing Core::bind in bootstrap\app.php but it is not working. Also I have tried by set…

Sql import error

I have exported the sql database from the live environment using phpMyAdmin. When I trie to import the sql file in my local environment (MAMP 3.0.6) via phpMyAdmin I receive an error. [code] Incorrect table definition; there can be only one auto colum…

:81 at the end of URLs (Duplicate Content)

Hi, I recently released a new responsive site created using a custom template and concrete 5.6. However, upon releasing it, moz picked up a vast amount of duplicate content and it was clear it was to do with :81 at the end of every URL. For example,…

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