Developing (v7+)

Where do you go to approve user accounts (am I being stupid?!)

Despite using C5 for ages now, until now I've weirdly never needed to configure a site with public registration. [Using 5.8] I can see the settings to notify an email address of a registration, but I can't for the life of me see anywhere to go and manu…

Detecting 'Design Mode' in a template/block/etc

I know how to tell when a page is in edit mode, that's easy but how do you know when a page is in 'Design Mode' e.g. someone is just editing an attribute or something? There's some JS I need to disable in this mode as well as in edit mode.

javascript error on new install causing dashboard issues?

Good morning, I have a recent install of C5 8.1 over MySql 5.6.30 and PHP 7.0.12. It ran fine for about a week and I have no under-the-hood development yet. I have begun experiencing an issue with the dashboard and my theme developer suggested I look into…

Need to know about API for Ionic app

Hello, We are trying to build an app with ionic through the Concrete5. We have a site and we need to build a app of this site. The backend will be controlled by the admin of this site. We need to know how we can make the web ser…

Select attributes and Express

I'm trying to build a simple Express application for an artists CV - it's very simple and I realise there are two ways to go about it. The entity, called "Event" has four attributes event_title - what you want to call it (so for an exhibition it would be…

V8: Larger user avatars?

Hi, In C5 v8 can I output a larger Avatar than I get using the simple print $avatar->output(); method? I can't seem to use getThumbnail or get the file ID to output a larger image. Thanks Dave

Content block removes font style when deleting

The current text I am editing has a custom font different from my site's default. It loses its font style even when you delete just a single character. Has anyone also encountered this?

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