Building with concrete5

Admission denied and other issues

Hello again good people. I downloaded my site to work on it in MAMP. Got it close to the way I wanted it. Made a new folder in root at my hosting company and uploaded the whole site as a zip file, unzipped it in the hosts file manager, cleated a new da…

additional page 301 redirecting to original page

I have a problem which drives me crazy... I am building a website with lots of pages. The old website was build in Wordpress and there are more than 3000 pages... And most of them are indexed by Google. So I thought it would be nice programmatically set …

File Download Option for user

Hello, Im new to concrete5, started to build a website. I want to keep a file for download to user (public). How to do this? Can anyone suggest me. Thanks Anil

Is it possible to check if a subArea contains blocks?

Hi There, Is there a way to check if a subArea contains blocks before outputting markup when using the Area Splitter add-on? Have been trying stuff like this but don't understand how to make it work sorry: [code] …
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