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Hi people! my HEAD NAVIGATOR is "floating" from page to page: My qn: is it possible to FIX it to the same level for ALL PAGES? Many thx in advance! Tato

Running C5 in Vagrant VM

I am running Concrete5.7.0.1 in a Vagrant Virtual Machine provisioned with protobox ( It is unbearingly slow. Page load takes a few seconds, loading the content of the various menus on the editing bar also. Concrete5.6 runs reasonably fas…

How to install a new attribute in a 5.7 package?

Found a couple of very basic howto's for converting a package to work in V5.7 but so far unable to find anything about how to do the below. Was going to try converting one of my popular add-ons to 5.7 this weekend... perhaps not :o/ Just need to be able t…

Upgrading from PHP 5.2.17 to latest PHP 5.4

To be honest I am just a novice trying to get by. I initially installed 5.4 through my webhost at one and one and came up with a 500 error code. I have the latest concrete 5.6 version so I know it isn't or shouldn't be the core as everything I have foun…

custom form

Hi, I am new to concrete5. I want to create a form with 3 columns and dynamically changing number of rows. I tried with the default form block but, no clue how to get that. any comments/ ideas/ documentation can be very helpful. thanks

Rewrite and redirect

Hello good people. I made a new website for my sister. I created it in a subfolder to make the launch as smooth as possible. The idea was to write a redirect in .htaccess to make the folder the new "root" of the website. It worked fine except for two i…

Connect to Community

Anyone know how to connect to the Community in a Concrete 5.7 site? When I click on the Extend concrete 5>Add Functionality link in the Dashboard nothing happens except taking me to the page that shows "Add Functionality", "Currently Installed" and "Awai…

Free Fatal Error package (c56)

Can be downloaded from Github: The add-on sends an email to an email address if a fatal error occurs. Suggestions and pull requests are welcome of course! Adri

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