Building with concrete5

Registraion with specific email domain

I'm using email for login. Is there any way to restrict public registration so that the person registering has to have a specific email domain, such as The site is built on Concrete5 version Thanks!

Encoding - Database Connections

Hi, I've been running into alot of problems with Character encoding, it seems to be database related, and I've got a sneaking suspicions it's not the table collates (which are all set to UTF8). But it's the connection to the databases. Do any of you…

How do I use secure content from a form on an SSL page?

I've looked through a lot of posts and don't believe this question is there, but basically I have a client that wants to take credit card details for a service...and this is my first time working with an SSL certificate. We don't need SSL across the wh…

Designer Content Alt Tags

Hi Is there a way, hack or solution to allow you to add Alt Tags to images in Designer Content Block? Cheers.

Moving pages from one site to another

I have a series of pages that are almost identical in multiple sites. Is it possible to export/import specific pages rather than the whole site?

Package - overwrite block (templates)

I'm creating a package that contains a theme, some blocks and an autonav block with a template that contains the html structure for bootstrap. The autonav template is not triggered when I use setup 1. If I copy it directly in the root blocks folder tha…

JS and CSS Assets not working on new page type

Hi all I made a custom template and added JS and CSS assets like in this video: Now i added a new page type (via page types menu). After I created a new site (with this new pa…

Using icons in form input fields

hello, what is the best practice to add icons in form fields? Like on this page: This is the website with the concrete5 form block: Thanks!

Hiding Toolbar from User Group

I have a site with advanced permissions enabled. I am giving a user group access to the file manager. I am using, and have also given permission to view the dashboard (this was required so the File Manager works on the front-end). However, wh…

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