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Searching site members / users by country doesn't work

Hi! Searching site members / users by country doesn't work Search by city is ok, and by other attributes marked "Content included in user keyword search" also. c5 v. Thanks in advance!

Adding Multiple Grid Frameworks to a theme

Is there a way to make a them work with more than one grid framework? If Zurb and Bootstrap3 are built into c5, how can I make my theme allow either one in the selection when "Adding Area Layout"?

Custom Page Template Icon?

Any way to add a custom page template icon? Currently it seems I can only use ones from /concrete/images/icons/page_templates/ Anyway to pass a different path to use a custom one?

Are getPackageName and getPackageDescription necessary?

Whenever building blocks or package we always have the methods for returning the package name and description. But those methods are available from the parent class, and the parent class returns the $pkgName and $pkgDescription variables already transl…

Page Type: Which Database Table?

Hello, I have a custom page type I created, and in the "output" section I added a block which has broken my page. I can't remove it in C5, but can't find the table in the database where I can delete the block there. Can anyone tell me which table conta…

Automatically display images from one folder

Is there any image gallery available that displays the images from one particular folder? I have images that I upload regularly, but do not want to go through the entire round of adding an image in C5. And yes, I have multiple folders to handle, so on …

Using jQuery 2 with Concrete 5.7

Hi I would like to start a discussion about jQuery 2 . I want to make addon which need jQuery on minumum version 2. Someone use jQuery 2 on Concrete5 which use jQuery 1.X ? Some conflicts, no working or another problems?

Page picker in Concrete 5.7

Hi Is exist something like "page picker" to use in form? I would like to make button, which after click display modal with sitemap and after choose page, "page picker" return pageID ? I don't want to use attribute.

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