Building with concrete5

Different Navigation on mobile device

Is it possible to detect a mobile device and display a different navigation block? OR Is it possible to filter the navigation output by giving pages attributes like "show on mobile" and "show on desktop"? Any help is much appreciated.

JPEG image file sizes too large? ImageMagick may be the cause.

Building a site with retina images and noticed that all the JPEG images where way too large in file size. For example, a image that was 220k when resized via Photoshop was instead 1.4 megs when resized by concrete5. Zoinks! I kept playing around with t…

All links trigger 404 error

Hi, I don't really understand why all links in my site trigger 404 error whereas all pages do exist .... anyone would have an idea as to what could be going wrong ? Many thanks

Can I remove C5 JS code from Public Site? Is it used?

My site theme has a dropdown menu that seems to be conflicting with the C5 jquery scripts. I've blocked the theme's JS in edit mode (so I can build my site) but in the normal Public View mode the dropdowns don't work because it is conflicting with C5's…

Missing editor

I have noticed today that when I go to edit a content block, the WYSIWYG editor doesn't show and instead just shows me the source code. (See attached screenshot.) Just started happening today without any changes being made to my system. Any ideas? T…

dashboard inacccesible

After updating to the newest version of concrete5, the tool bar at the top of the screen disappeared. Can someone provide some guidance? Thanks!

Custom Form Block

Is there any way I can make a form (or take an existing form) and save it as SampleForm. Then edit it in Dreamweaver or notepad? The reason I would like to do that is to use the framework it has but be able to customize how the data fits in the form a…

get block path from within block controller

Is it possible to get the block path from the blocks controller? basicly need something like below, however i get an error. [code] $layout_dir = Block::getBlockPath() . '/layouts/'; [/code] Error [code] Fatal error: Call to undefined method S…

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