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Simpleweather.js interfering with Concrete 5.7 interface

Hi all, I'm hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a conflict I'm having between simpleweather.js and Concrete5 5.7 interface. When I add the required [code] $(document).ready(function() { $.simpleWeather({ location: 'Tr…

New Site

What is the best way to build a new site using a theme purchased from Concrete5 while maintaining the old site?

Displaying Data

I'm so close to using C5 instead of Drupal. C5 is so much cleaner and intuitive. BUT...for the life of I can't see a way to display data entered on forms without purchasing a special add-on. I can't believe there isn't a native Forms and Display Data mod…

PHP, hardcoding, posts

Hello, I am new to concrete5. I mostly deal with wordpress. I have a new client who is wants to add specific functions to a concrete5 theme. They have chosen elemental and added ProBlog. I have read some of the documentatiion and the majority say that har…

Can't login as admin

Hi After transferring my site from to i get an error message each time i try to login as admin, i also try to change the password, but i also receive an error message from the link which i got send to my email, does anybody know a …

Single Page Variable Scope

[code][/code] When this page is run by itself it echos "file is prodcuts_export.php", But when it is run as a "Single_Page" within Concrete5, It echos "file is " and also has no errors. The page loads. And the echo isn't hiding in the layout. The vari…

Best way to "Authenticate" product / user

Hello :) So we have a product. We would like to be able to allow users to somehow authenticate their product once they have bought it online. I had a look through the blocks but did not really see anything suitable. Any suggestions?

pageID from block in view.php

Actually I want to transfer some data from page attributes as GET Request data. URL for request I create in block's view.php. How to get pageID from block in view.php?

How to Rewriting urls in Concrete5?

Hi, Can any one please explain that how to Rewriting urls in Concrete5? Suppose I have url But, I want to rewrite it to Please help Thanks.

3 companies - one website

Hello. I'm not very familiar with Concrete5 yet, so sorry if this post is placed in the wrong section or is irrelevant. I work at a small company where we need a new website - the old one is from 2004, and is very outdated. I'm usually working with…

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