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C5 as a Classified Ad Engine

Hey Community! Has anyone had success using C5 as a classified ad website like craigslist or kijiji (Canada)? Client would like to have people buy and pay for ad space and users to go back in an edit their posts afterwards. Thank you! Roz

Form submission forwarding generated CSV file

Hi, I have added a form to our website but I would like the completed form and its added files to be emailed to an address automatically. Any help on this would be very much appreciated Thanks

Pretty URLS break external links to the same server

I have an Oxwall community site running on the same server as a C5 site. I linked into OXwall, but when I turned on Pretty URLs the link to Oxwall broke. 404 page not found loaded. Easy to fix? I'm guessing it could be a htaccess configuration problem?

Removing Market Place Token and URL from Backend

I followed the steps and removed the token and URL from backend. Now I am getting this error message. Help? Unable to generate a marketplace token. Please ensure that allow_url_fopen is turned on, or that cURL is enabled on your server. If these …

Stack editing, facebook sdk

Slowly but surely I've overcome the Facebook api and have begun pushing it to my FB package. As per issues loading the sdk multiple times (page list teasers for instance), I've moved that process to within a settings block, which is needed on any page an…

Responsive shopping cart for c5

Does anyone know of a good solution for a responsive shopping cart for concrete5? Initially I want to setup just an email order system that can later be reconfigured for PayPal or Credit Cards. I understand the core ecommerce add-on isn't responsive a…

multiple links

hello everyone, am new to concrete and could not add more 3-4 links (external and internal) on my gallery page: how can I add separate image groups on the same page?

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