Building with concrete5

Stack editing, facebook sdk

Slowly but surely I've overcome the Facebook api and have begun pushing it to my FB package. As per issues loading the sdk multiple times (page list teasers for instance), I've moved that process to within a settings block, which is needed on any page an…

Responsive shopping cart for c5

Does anyone know of a good solution for a responsive shopping cart for concrete5? Initially I want to setup just an email order system that can later be reconfigured for PayPal or Credit Cards. I understand the core ecommerce add-on isn't responsive a…

multiple links

hello everyone, am new to concrete and could not add more 3-4 links (external and internal) on my gallery page: how can I add separate image groups on the same page?

RESTful with Concrete5

Hello all, I would like to know what is the best way to implement a RESTful app with Backbone and Concrete5. Thank you in advance for your help.

Rebuilding the Cache automatically

I have just finished a site that is pulling in all it's content via xml feeds from 3rd party sources. The built in c5 caching is working really nicely to help speed up the site - I have all the caching options switched on, which is giving me good results.…

Registration page

Need a bit of help to create a registration page and membership options. Ps advise

Horizontal Header navigator is missing

Hi guys Horizontal Header navigator in my new website is totally missing I use a DARK theme. If i go to Jogurt & Salad themes, I see the block : "add to sitewide header nav", which i can not see in the Dark theme. 2. In any case I m not sure how…

Href on link is not working

Hello In my theme i have changed my menu with jquery but the href link is not working. If i am opening it in new tab it is working perfectly but not working in same tab. var proxy_menu_plumbing = '

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