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Version 8.0 Findings / Adjustments

Hello everybody. Just starting a new threat to list all the findings of yet "unworky" things and their possible solutions in version 8.0 to make it working quickly. Please keep everything short and browsable to make it being found easily.

User editable hero images

Good day! The project I'm currently working on has a "hero" image at the top of each page, just below the header. My client has now requested for this to be editable in c5 - I have no idea how to best achieve this. Currently, I have the "hero" imag…

When did /index.php/members get removed

Hello all, I see what with older version of concrete5 there was a page called /index.php/members that would list the accounts on the website. At some point it seemed that page was removed. Could anyone tell me what version of concrete5 last had that pa…

why my Dashboard doesnt have Sitewide setting menu

Hi All, I newbie in Concrete5 and i want to set up favicon. many article said that favicon can be edited at Dashboard --> Sitewide setting but the problem is I cannot found Sitewide setting menu on my dashboar

Version 8.0 is Now Available!

It's been a long time in the making – and we're happy to announce the concrete5 version 8 is now available! A full list of what's new can be found in the blog pos…

Remove the container around the header in the elemental theme

So im new to this concrete5 but i love it, still learning but i will get there. So the problem is that i isntalled concrete5 and made a website but i dont know how to remove the container around the header in the default theme. And my second problem is…

Adding users programmatically in 5.7

Hello, I would like to know how to add users programmetically. I used to be able to do this with userinfo::add, but that is now deprecated. It should now be done using RegistrationService but I cant figure out how to. Thanks in advance.

add blog entry opens a blank page

UPDATE: the custom page that I created to show the blog posts hadn't been acknowledged by C5, so I uninstalled my theme and reinstalled it. Hi! I'm struggling converting my bootstrap site into C5, and I've received lots of help around here, so here go…

Get usageCount for Select attribute options

Hello everyone, How do I check the usageCount of a Select attribute option? When I use getSelectAttributeOptionUsageCount( ) it returns nothing. When I check the option object, i see [usageCount] => , there is no value assign to it. Please help. Thanks…

Exclude areas from search

Hi, I have a C5.7 site where I need to exclude some areas from C5's search index. I still want the pages to appear in search results based on their page name, but how can I exclude a few areas? Thanks Dave

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