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Recent strange session and interface issues with 5.6

Hi all I've noticed over the past few days that my 5.6(.3.1 and .3.2) are exhibiting odd behaviour, with logins not being persistent and elements of the interface not working (the Dashboard menu doesn't appear, although the Edit one does, and the in Da…

Ban domains from signing up

Hi Everyone, Is there a way to prevent email addresses from specific domains from signing up to my site as a member? I don't wish to use IP banning but I'm getting some spam signups from specific domains that I want to prevent. Many thanks, Mike

File set filtering for image gallery

Hi guys Now.. im wondering how i can create a gallery block to get all the client images that are in one fileset (e.g. "portfolio") filtered into arrays by an image file attribute (e.g. "client 1" sets up an array of 6 images && "client 2" sets an arra…

Custom Page Attribute

Hi all. I'm new to concrete5. Created a custom page attribute called handler: hide_media name: Hide Menu. Now want to write code which hides that div content, where to add that code? In which file and where it will be located ? Any help please

Displaying a list of page attributes

Hi, how can i show a list of all my custom attributes on a page and make them work as a filter/navigation links for page lists? I already added the 2 custom attributes. So now when the user wants to add an artikel he must choose a "category" and a dat…

Strange errors after updating concrete

Greetings, Ever since we did an update on a client’s site we are getting some really strange errors - the errors give no relevant info, just repeat text on the page. I notice a error_log file in the root directory and it is referencing this: [code…

Migrating Composer Blog Posts

I'm in the process of re-designing my site. I've created the new site in a subdomain and am ready to replace the old one, however, I'd really like to keep my old blog content. Is there a way to keep those old blog post files and import them into the ne…

Can't download marketplace Add-Ons anymore

I am running Concrete5 v5.6.3.2 on a Blue Host shared server. Everything has been working great for months. I have added a number of free and paid Add-Ons and Themes through the Marketplace. However, since Jan 24, 2015, I have been unable to connect to…

*Help* Search block doesn't work

I am using the standard search block and it only works intermittently. I've tested on different browsers and different computers without consistent results. I am assuming that others have run across this before. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!

Switch Owner

Is it possible to switch owner? Thanks:)

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