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Less / preset customization with Elemental instance

Hi all, There is a mystery that i cant figure out myself about adding custom variables to a preset Less file. For example i wish to add a set of color variables (my 'custom theme' main colors, primary/secondary/.../quaternary) in my custom_preset.le…

Force https using htaccess

i am trying to force all forms of the web address to use the https format. So www will redirect to https, and http: will redirect to https I have the htaccess code for wordpress but my it says it will not work for concrete5 I need the code for both…

Using c5 as a wiki platform

Hi guys Do you have any ideas, if it is possible to use c5 as a wiki? I tried to search for a Add-On but didn't find anything. Thank you for your help and recommendations! Have a nice day!

Strange Redirect Problem

I am getting redirect errors on the Google Search Console for my site. Specifically it is complaining about the url: I can't see any .php or html file in this directory that might contain redirect code. …

Adding a popup with image gallery.

Hi, We are new to Concrete. We usually build websites in WordPress or code it ourself with Php/html/css. We just got a request to add a pop-up slider with 5 slides, that will activate on a button. But honestly I have no clue how and were to add thi…

Community Store addon - Paypal account

Hi guys, i m planning to use this nice addon to have a shop section on my site, i dont know if that is a usefull information regarding my coming questions but my products will be downloadable files after payment, without any shipping options at all. …

update fails always

hi there i tried to make an update offline and then put it online again. now i have the attached failure. (screenshot) does anyone have an idea? it works properly offline... thank you!

Easy Apache 4

Anyone know if I can safely upgrade my server to Easy Apache 4 and PHP 5.6 or later without it effecting CC5 version 8?

Calendar isAllDay()

Hey all. Can anyone tell me how the "isAllDay()" function is used? I am trying to have the time of an event only display if the event is not 'all day'. [code] if ( !$occurrence->isAllDay() ) { echo 'not all day'; } [/code] Thanks in advance …

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