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Watermarked images not removed after uninstalling the add-on

I had been using the Watermark add-on here but I'm removing it from now, and the issue is that after uninstalling the add-on, the watermarked images were not removed from the application/files fol…


Is there somewhere to set the size that C5 makes thumbnails?

Where are the templates?

I want to modify a template for the pagelist block. I download the emplaye folder from the core, but none of them are the ones that appear in the dropdown that apply to the custom design element of the block. Are these templates kept somewhere else?

Corrupt installation?

I'm not sure, but the server people have checked everything, It's been fine. but today I'm getting this... ---- Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please con…

Filter page list by attributes

I want to show a filtered page list. So pages will either have an attribute or a tag and that will be used to filter them. You used to be able to add attribute to C5, but I can't find it anymore. Is this no longer possible? Thanks:)

Cannot see the Dashboard

Hello, I am new to concrete 5, I've broken the dashboard of a site I am currently developing locally. I'm pretty perplexed by it too. If I want to edit the front end of the site, everything is all good. I can carry blocks, edit Seo, basically, everythi…

Newer Versions of Jquery

I have noticed that the core jquery library hasn't been updated in a while. Concrete 8.3.1 is still using jquery 1.11.3. I realize updating jquery to a newer version (such as 2 or 3) could break some things, including addons and other functionality. …

Contact form not working through stack

Hi i have add a form block on a stack called "Footer Form", and include it in footer by using this code [code] [/code] But the form is not submitting correctly. Any idea ? thanks

Delete old image versions

Hello How do I automatically delete unused image versions? I have more than 4000 images each with 5-6+ versions. So they use 5 times more disk space. And going this manually will take ages to finish How to delete the unused versions from the data…

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