Developing (v7+)

Concrete5 + Opencart = partial Google render

I have an issue with Google only returning a partial render of my site before indexing. I have my C5 files in the root with the homepage links branching off to an Opencart shop in a separate directory. Is there a quick fix so I get a complete render? I…

Including php in a addon

I am new to concrete5, but I want to create my own addon. I have some php code in a file, and want to include that in a page so I can use the functions in it. How can I do this?

get Theme path in block controller

Hi, we want to use a block inside a package theme. Now we need to hardcode some links. Is there a soltuon to get the current theme path which we can use in the block controller? Thanks!

Can't reach site because of too long responding time

Hi, Since this morning I can't reach my Concrete5 site ( because it takes too long to respond. I already got in contact with my hosting, but they have no problems of reaching the site (because of their fast interenet connection …

ERP with Concrete5

Hi Everyone , I wanted to make an ERP for a friend , so do you people think that its a good idea to build it using concrete5 ?? If not please suggest on what platform should i make it .

Dashboard not loading over VPN

My site is hanging after I log in to the dashboard, however renders fine otherwise (with cache off for development). Issue: blank white screen, toolbar with no buttons, page hangs .. Affected Pages: welcome screen, all site pages (some front end pag…

Tooltip Asset(s)

I'm trying to get bootstrap tooltips to work on a single page. I've followed this: ...and everything works swimmingly—but only when logged…

Exporting File Statistics

Is there any way to download the existing file statistics into a spreadsheet format, or any type of file? I could manually type each user who has downloaded the file, but I figured there must be an easier method.

Custom Form That Does Calculations

I have a client that works in real estate and wants to pull up what essentially is an app from his website to do calculations and send them to himself and associates. Here is a break down of his process: 1. Go to potential property and pull up the rea…

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