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Extending session length (not working)

Hi everyone. I've been working with v8.1.0 and have the requirement to extend the session length (Stay Signed In For...) functionality from default 2 weeks to an ambitious 1 year. Now... I've added some overrides in the concrete.php config file: …

My website is showing blank page after migration

Hello, I have migrated my website from one server to another, I completed all requirements for database settings in the config folder, after that it is showing white blank page. Can someone suggest me how to debug or resolve it? Thank you

C5-8.0+: how to load and show image in form.php

I know how to select an image in the add block form.php which will then be loaded in view. But how can I show the selected image in the add block form before saving it? Thank you.

C5-8.3: jquery code works in view but not in form

I registered a jquery package in the controller: [code] public function on_start() { $this->set('app', $this->app); $al = \Concrete\Core\Asset\AssetList::getInstance(); $al->register('javascript', 'my_table', 'bl…

The proper way to serialize Doctrine ORM entity to XML

Hi there! I want to serialize my Doctrine entities to the XML format and I want to find the right direction to do this. Are there any built-in tools or do I pay attention to third-party libraries like JMS serializer? Thanks, Nick.

Delete Form Entries and Uploaded files

Hi There I have a site (now on 8.3.2) which has run competitions. I have over 900 + submissions accompanied by documents and I would like to delete both the form entries and most importantly the documents from the CMS. However I can find no way to do t…

Import to file manager from URL

I am making a package for the marketplace, and I'd like to import images from a URL to the file manager. Is this possible without saving the file to the file system? (In other words, without using file_put_contents)

Form not sending email either SMTP or PHP Mail Function

Hiya, OK same old problem. Both SMTP and default PHP Mail Function will not send email. Using V8.3.2 Testing Default PHP Mail Function returns "The following error was found while trying to send the test email:Unable to send mail: Unknown error" …

Concrete5 Social Share with Instagram

Hi, I want to share the page on social media. But the 'Share this Page' block does not provide Instagram. I could not find any add-ons as well. Can anybody please help me, how can I make use of Instagram in concrete5. Thank You.

Set Height and other options for CKeditor

Hi there - I'm building a block that contains an instance of the CKeditor. When I add the editor instance I'm wondering if there's a way to pass in some options to the editor instance to force the height, etc. I've looked at the source code and don't s…

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