Developing (v7+) or 5.8.1 (Or 5.8.2)

I am about to migrate my site to 5.7 or 5.8. I will start with a new install, recreate my theme, page types and custom blocks in the new site and then use the migration tool to move the content. I have run across a few posts that make me think that vers…

How to get a list of available options from an attribute key

This was for a custom Userkey I'd defined in a package controller, hopefully this should easily translate to CollectionKey, etc. [code] $attr = \Concrete\Core\Attribute\Key\UserKey::getByHandle('userprovidertype'); $atc = $attr->getCo…

How to add a SELECT user attribute key from a package

I've just burned half a day trying to find out how to do this so hopefully an end-to-end example (of which there are too few for C5) will save others much time. This will add a SELECT attribute type to users from your package: [code] $attr = \Concr…

Migration Tool Questions

1) Does the migration tool work with version 8.1 or do I need to migrate the site to 5.7 and then upgrade to 8.1? 2) Does anyone have experience using the migration tool to move custom blocks? Any problems? Any wise words of wisdom? Thank you.

Main navigation is pulling up subdomain links

I have built many C5 sites and have not had this issue, but i just finished and when you click on any navigation links, it pulls the subdomain links rather than staying any help?

Cannot add entry to express object

I receive the following error: [code]Argument 1 passed to Concrete\Core\Express\Form\AbstractRenderer::__construct() must implement interface Concrete\Core\Express\Form\FormInterface, null given[/code] I've simply created an express object, created a for…

Modifying the labels in the login boxes

Hi, I'm trying to modify the "Username" and "Password" text in the login boxes on the login page and can't seem to find where to change this. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks, btroyi

Override core block templates from a package directory

Is it possible to override the core block templates for the Autonav from a package directory? I have created a custom view.php file and put it in this directory "/packages//blocks/autonav/templates/reponsive_header_navigation/" but it is not overriding…

DB for cities, countries and addresses

I am building a signup form and I'd like to put dropping lists with the countries, cities, addresses and postcodes of the world. Does something like that exist? A public / free DB already built to be called from my website? Thanks

Coupon Website with concrete5

Hi Team, I have several website which is created using Wordpress and recently fall in love with concrete5. Can any one please tell me if i can build website like this with the help of concrete5

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