Building with concrete5

Hard coding header.php template

I have tried to add my own menu by hard coding the template. But the site defaults to the elemental style. My links to the .css and .js files are correct. Is there a more complex way of doing this that works?

Sending Confirmation eMails

Hello, I've created a form to permit people to register for an event and then pay via PayPal. I am receiving the notifications from PayPal that payments are being received. I cannot confirm that the registrants are receiving the confirmation email, but …

Dynamically display most recent project on projects page

G'd evening! I'm building a portfolio site for a graphic designer and I'm struggling to get my head around the following problem. There's a page called 'projects' that uses a page_list block to list all projects (pages using a custom page type). Ea…

(c5.6) programmatically change the permission of a page

Hi, I'm looking to programmatically change the permissions of a page whereas only the pageowner, admin (+ maybe an admin group) can see the page. It is effectively to create a "publish page" feature where a user (pageowner) can create their content and…

site login

Am a new in concrete5 and am having problem login to my site

Can't get javascript to link

I am using modifying the Elemental theme. So far so good but I am using Slimmenu for the responsive nav. But i can't get the js file to link so I get the dropdown and responsive collapse. [code]

ecommerce addon product customer choices

Hi Does anyone know how much content in MB or total characters the Text Area box will support. I am using for a project that will require the user/customer to copy and paste possibly a very large amount of text. this amount of text could be as la…

How to echo Date Added of a file?

Concrete5.8 I try this: [code] [/code] Get error: Object of class DateTime could not be converted to string Where to go from her?

Horizontal menu in Elemental theme

I am struggling to get my autonav displaying as a proper horizontal menu. At the moment I just have a vertical list - including child pages. Seems it is not picking up the float:left or inline-block css tag. How can I sort this? thanks

How to export all users including User and Groups

I need to create a csv file of all of the users including the hidden fields so I can use an addon that I purchsed to add them to a new C5 website. Any references would be very helpful. Todd Cary

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