Developing (v7+)

Need for users to search members

In version 6 I have been using the AJAX Member Directory with the result that the client and users are very happy. With version 7 I have not not found anything close, AJAX or not. Have I missed some add-on or some way I could code it without a great dea…

github installation

I'm trying to install the official c5 github develop branch on Windows 7. The git bit works, but the subsequent 'composer install' dies: "Failed to download ocramius/proxy-manager from dist: The archive may contain identical file names with different c…

without mail

Hey, I am developing a private site for a community. The fact is that there are a lot of clients who don't have a mail address. My question is if there is no possibility to avoid the need of a mail address when registering. best regards, Stefaa…

Twilio including external namespaces best practice??

Hi I need to include the PHP Twilio REST API in my package, it will use namespaces like... use Twilio\Rest\Client; use Twilio\Twiml; They suggest having the folder at the root and linking it as so: require __DIR__ . '/twilio-php-master/Twilio/autol…

chrome push notifications

I'm looking for some guidance how to integrate chrome push notifications with my concrete5 www Any experience?

Load Thumbnail Images in Slider template

Hi! How can I use thumbnail images in the concrete slider? I am used to to this (to load thumbnail images in blogposts): [code] $thumbnail = $page->getAttribute('image_blog_post'); [/code] And then load the image [code]

Change maintenance message

Hello Concrete5 members, Can someone tell me how I can change maintenance message in Concrete5 8.1 ? :)

Migration Tool Version Question

Hi- I am trying to figure out what versions of Concrete5 are need for the legacy version of my site and the new version of my site to use the migration tool. I read a recent post that you need to be running version and 8.2.0a1 . I don't se…

Community Store - add more questions to checkout

Hi all, I am working community store package which is going great (great features, well done to all involved), I have one question though relating to the checkout: How do I add two radio buttons to the checkout that will then get sent through with o…

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