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Page attributes not updated until page is reloaded

I have a Single Page which posts itself data from forms and updates page attributes based on that data. Performing a getAttribute() on a page attribute after having just doing a setAttribute() does not return the data just set. I thought that it might hav…

[Beginner] Blocks and HTML structure question

Say I have an HTML structure similar to the code below, how would I setup the block so I could control the opening and closing .row divs? I'm thinking that each .item would be a block and then trying to find a way to have a counter or something so I c…

Server IO Error when uploading larger files

I'm trying to load mp3 to my site. I was able to back in April. Since then, I haven't been able to. I can load smaller files (pics, pdf's) and even a small mp3 (6.5MB). However, what I really need to load are 40MB+ mp3's. When I try to load them via …

jQuery only works when logged in

I have a couple simple jQuery animations that only work when logged in. When not logged in, there are no errors of any sort, and the images are gone as well. I'm not loading jquery.js as it is part of the concrete install. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Error on Theme Customizer when i change anything and save.

i have a clean install of C5, v-5.7.2 and when i change any colour or text and save the attribute i get a parse error: ...... everything was working fine in 5.7.04 but 5.7.1 and 5.7.2 no go and i am a bit lost here....? any help would be great. Tha…

5.7 Case Sensitivity issue resolution

I notice that the migration tool for 5.5/5.6 doesn't work with 5.7. I have this issue currently and wondered if there is any alternative to starting over?

Email - Linking to external account

I'm using Consensus Theme and really enjoy it. My question has to do with how to "link" the text of what our email address is so that visitors can contact us through our gmail account. What I'm hoping to do is type our gmail address in a text block wh…

add captcha to external form

Hi there After testing around for a while, I reached the point to ask you guys. How the hack can I add a captcha validation to an external form? myForm.php [code]$captcha = Loader::helper('validation/captcha'); [/code] This adds the Captch…

Splash page - Age verification

Hi Im building this site I am required to add a splash page like this one Is there a simple way of doing this?

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