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site pages problem

hi, iam new to concrete 5. i have finished my site but i find when i log out the pages when clicked do not go anywhere but stay on the home page. could someone explain why this might be? thank you Tara

Patch 5.6 to accept new top level domain extensions

What file do we edit to have the most recent version v5.6 to allow domain extensions? We have a client with a .services domain and 5.6 will not let us put this anywhere, says invalid for email. Very frustrating. What file do we edit to fix this? Th…

Predefined retina and non-retina thumbnails

I'm looking for a way to handle 2x retina images for predefined thumbnails. I've looked through the documentation, and found these two pages:…

5.7 Global Areas Cached

I'm working on a project and have run into what seems to be a caching of global areas that clearing the cache doesn't fix. I have attached two images of this area: One in edit mode and one of the live site.

Passing variables to controller with URL

On my dashboard single page, I want to pass 2 variables to the remove function in the controller. In the view I have this: [code]echo ''.t('Remove').'';[/code] And in the controller I have the remove function: [code]public function remove($dptid …

Problem to import photos

Hello, In my code I can't import file (image). In the header I declare : use File; use Concrete\Core\File\Importer as FileImporter; use FileSet; use FileList; [code] $image_upload = $pfl->COL[3]->DATA; if (@$image = file_get_contents($ima…

h() Function use

Can anyone help in understanding how to use h() for security in a custom block view page?

Plugin missing

I have been trying to install an add-on that I purchased here and have realized, thanks to the developer of the add-on,that there is a glitch on my website that won't allow for an automatic install. He suggested this be put out to the Concrete 5 community…

how to create a member page?

I have many members in my blog , so I want to create each page only to a certain member , and from there he can post or do what ever I give him permission to do , by this page only he can be active in the blog not with dashboard ( even if I limit access t…

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