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Use common .js for defferent block templates (8.x.x)

Hi there! I'm using two forms in my page. Each of them is working with own template, but they have to use the same javascript helper functions (for validation). So, does anybody know the way how to use single common .js file for both templates?

How to upload files to a folder

Now that updating a site from 5.7 to 5.8 will remove all permissions for filesets, how do we modify our existing addons that upload files to a fileset so that they can upload to a folder instead.

Blog, posting and portals

Is there a way to have a portal to have other people in my company (editors, bloggers, etc.) to log in and just be able to post blogs (video or written) and choose tags while I, myself admin and editing the site, is the sole user to have admin access? …

PNG Backgrounds Black?

Am I missing something, do I need to push a button somewhere? Went to build a new site with 8.1.0. Used the same logo as I used for 5.7.5. Logo not transparent with 8.1.0? Tested again with another 5.7.5, and a new 8.1.0. Issue remains.…

Editing displayPaging() pagination

Hi I am using a ajax page list block and at the bottom of the php file it outputs the pagination [code] // Output pagination if ( $paginate_list ) { echo ''; $pl->displayPaging(); echo ''; } exit; [/code] The html looks lik…

Font awesome in Auto Nav

Hello guys, I am trying to add Font Awesome icons to an Auto Nav template. My php skills are still very nubile so I'm in need of some help. I've added a custom page attribute in the form of an HTML tag that has to be added to each page. I've also ad…

Revising form email sender

Hi All, I have a client that requested that when the form is sent, it lands in her mailbox. If she tries to reply to it, it replies to herself. Is there a way to edit the code to reply to the form senders email address? I have read the other forums …

Get blocks on current page in correct order in code

Hey all, I have a custom block for the headings. Another block should now create an anchor list for these headings on the page automatically. That works so far, only the order of the anchor list does not match the order of the blocks on the page. …

Fileset Permissions in version 5.8.1

I have turned on advanced permissions but cannot see any permissions settings for Filesets? Is this a bug or is this by design?

Contact Form with express_form, custom template

Hey, how can I modify the form template (express_form)? I want to realize a two-column contact form with bootstrap classes col-sm-8 and col-sm-4. Some certain fields on the left and some fields on the right side. Hope you can help me. Thanks Nico

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