adding image styles in ckeditor

i work with version 8.1 in ckeditor. i have image and text in the content block. now i want to add a class, containing circle image, border size and color to a placed image.

how can i achieve this?

the only way i can add it is via html-code. is there an easier way?

thanks in advance

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ob7dev replied on at Permalink Reply
If you don't need the image to float you could add it as an image block then add another content block after which continues the content from the first.

But that's just how I do it. As for answering your post: Inside the ckeditor, open the image's properties and switch over to the third tab ( labeled Advanced )... therein you may add custom classes and more to the image.
kfog replied on at Permalink Reply
thank you for ur answer. image is in dotted outline, so can't really use the image block.

i remember from earlier ckeditor versions that there were extra tabs in the image dialog, - but for some reason ckeditor loads only the normal image dialog, without extra possibilities to add classes.

in the WISIWIG settings i cannot activate "enhanced image", tried activate "image" and "enhanced image" then "enhanced image" only ... no way i get enhanced image dialog.

am i doing something wrong?

thanks k.
kfog replied on at Permalink Reply
in rich text editor settings: activate only "image"
if "enhanced image" is also activated, you only get the basic image dialog.

what exactly does ""enhanced image"?
MrKDilkington replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
Hi kfog.

Here is the description of the Enhanced Image plugin:

The Enhanced Image plugin requires creating your own CSS for the alignment and caption (the plugin creates the HTML). A tutorial explaining this will be added soon.

When CKEditor 8.2 is released, you can use CKEditor custom editor styles:

In the meantime, I recommend following ob7dev's advice and applying the custom classes using the Image plugin - Advanced tab > Stylesheet Classes input.
kfog replied on at Permalink Reply
thank you obdev and mrkdilkington
now i understood. thanks.
i cant't wait for 5.8.
ob7dev replied on at Permalink Reply
If you didn't find it yet this is how it looks for me: