Advanced Permissions on Page Types

Hi, I'm trying to give the administrator-group the permissions to add new page types & edit the Defaults of that Page Type.

Only adding a new PageType is working, but then they will not be able to edit the page Defaults. So the permissions of this pagetype will have to be changed first.
And I would really like the new PageType to have these permissions by default.

Can't figure out how to do it. Any suggestions?

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hanicker replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, getting same problem. Any help?

I may be missing something
jkoudys replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm also stuck on this one. It's pretty important to my project.
zeker replied on at Permalink Reply
I've also noticed on another project that this same issue appaears without Advanced Permissions on.
No solution found yet. So client calls me (the Super User) to change the Permission of every new Page Type they make...
Dinamicore replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
This might be the solution; on home page, the permissions need to be set up for sub-pages. Attach image.
zeker replied on at Permalink Reply
We're in 5.6...
clocktower replied on at Permalink Reply
By Default, when a user is assigned to the administrator group the page type default user permissions are set to 'By Area of Site (Hierarchy)', however this does not currently inherit any permissions.

I cannot figure where to update this. We, as it seems many, have to go through and assign access to viewing, editing, etc. so that clients can have access to Page Type Defaults.

We may want to pass this along as a bug fix.