Autonav and IE7 problem

Hello, I've been testing one of my sites and notice that in IE7, the autonav is displaying as a vertical list rather than horizontal. The site is - it looks spot on in IE8 + and all other browsers. Can anyone suggest an easy way to fix this?

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nebuleu replied on at Permalink Reply
It's probably not the response you are waiting for, but ... the easy way is to drop IE7 support.

IE7 is dead since long time... Why do you need to support a dead product with less than 1% market share according to global statcounter (0.64% in sept-oct 2013) ?
inmarketing replied on at Permalink Reply
It's exactly the response I was expecting and that's what I told the client - we generally only support IE8 and above, however in this case the client also has an old credit check website (and I mean old!) and they have been telling their clients to switch to compatibility mode to view it - hence they are getting issues when the client returns to their website and the menu breaks...

I have of course suggested upgrading the credit check website and adding a script to the main website advising customers to upgrade their browser if using IE8 and below.

My post was more to see if anyone had had to get the autonav working correctly in IE7 and if there was a quick fix to do it and keep the client happy.

Thanks for the reply though, appreciate your time!
nebuleu replied on at Permalink Reply
Yeah, enterprise apps context is sometimes a headache, with ten years old legacy or more ...

It's probably only a CSS problem, even easy to fix. Anyway, I doubt than anyone want to take time to test it on a dead platform.
johnpaulb replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi inmarketing,

I know it is not the solution you are looking for, but you could redirect IE7 users to another version of the site (html only page for example):

I hope this helps,
JohntheFish replied on at Permalink Reply
This howto may give you some ideas for a template that has reduced functionality for old ie versions.