background not showing up for packages dashboard pages? $.widget js error?

i'm updating my packages for 5.5, adding the new headers and footers to the dashboard pages as explained here:

seems to be working fine, but for some reason the background image isn't showing up for me. anyone else run into this issue yet?

looks like the #backstretch div isn't getting added to the page, and I'm getting a couple of new js errors in 5.5:
$.widget is undefined
ccm_activateToolbar is not defined

seems like the is being loaded before jquery.ui.js and jquery.backstretch.js

is this a 5.5 bug, or am i missing something?

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Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
Its working fine for me here, I have some seen some wacky things with>5.5 upgrades though,

not sure what the issue is with that, try downloading the latest git, its more "stable"

Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
it seems pretty random for me. some of the dashboard pages i've converted over work fine, while others don't.

I did notice someone was experiencing a similar issue with the ecommerce addon. not sure what they did to solve it.

already running the most recent version from git.
Mnkras replied on at Permalink Reply
Are you loading jquery or jquery ui in your controllers?
On Jan 13, 2012 10:48 PM, "concrete5 Community" <[email protected]>
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
no, not explicitly, but as mentioned above, those are being included within the page regardless. think the problem might be related to them being included down in the footer, after is included in the header. On the pages where it is working, the is being included in the footer after those two.
ryan replied on at Permalink Reply
Hey Tony,

We ran into this on pages that use the old concrete5 dialog javascript. If you update those to use the jquery ui dialogs, that should fix the problem.

Check out the eCommerce 2.5 dialogs.
Tony replied on at Permalink Reply
not using the dialogs on this one, but i am including the filemanager.js which might reference some of that code.

looks like since I was incuding ccm.filemanager.js, I now have to also explicitly include jquery.ui.js before that, to force it to load in the header rather than the footer. it's working now.

thanks for your help guys!