Banner images from file set

Hello everyone,
I am trying to get some images from a file set direct into my theme.
I've got this:
<div id="banner">
$a = new Area('Banner');
if (($a->getTotalBlocksInArea($c) > 0) || ($c->isEditMode())) {
} else { 
   echo "No banner available.";
} ?>

But with this i've got to ad images manualy.
I want it so that when i open a page it automaticly vieuws images from my file set.
Is that posible.
If so how do you do that?

ps. sorry for my bad english. i'm from holland

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12345j replied on at Permalink Reply
      $fs = FileSet::getByName('file_set_name');
      $fileList = new FileList();      
      $files = $fileList->get(1000,0);

$files now has an array of all the file objects in the file set file_set_name