Block Javascript corrupted Admin Edit ability

I inserted a HTML block with references to a script. I think the new script is preventing me from being able to edit that page. The top row of icons no longer displays in the brower.

To fix this, can I just go into the database and delete the frows from the "Blocks" table, or set bIsActive = 0?

Or is there a way to rollback the a page from the dashboard?

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TravisN replied on at Permalink Reply
to roll back from the dashboard,

just go to the sitemap.
Click on the page and select 'versions' from the drop down menu.
Simply check the version you want to revert to and click "approve".

you can now delete the corrupted page.
LucasAnderson replied on at Permalink Best Answer Reply
You also may want to check if that block is adding another instance of jQuery. Concrete5 includes it automatically, so it conflicts if you try to add it again.
rmore replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks everyone for the help. That worked.

I would be willing to add the link from the sitemap to version controls to the version document.