Bypass homepage if already viewed


Is anyone aware of an add-on or way of redirecting guests from the homepage of a C5 site after they have say viewed the homepage 5 times?

Our site has a nicely styled initial landing page that redirects to a main menu page after 30 seconds or after the guest chooses to enter.

After a while it becomes annoying to go through this step every time. But we would like to maintain it for new users.

None of the redirect add-ons in the marketplace seem to do this.


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DreamMedia replied on at Permalink Reply

for returning users you could set a cookie which counts the visits and redirects the user directly to your link page after 5 times of visiting.

If you are not talking about returning users but are concerned about a user has to visit your ladig page every time he/she hits your home button in the navi, you could set a counter in a session variable and redirect the user as soon as the counter hits 5.
If you skip the 5 times thing, you could just link your home button to your link page instead of the landing page.