Concrete5 8.5.3 Express Entity Selector

Anyone else have an Express entity with an Express Entity select that is now blank as of 8.5.3? There doesn't appear to be a button anymore to click to open the list of records to select.

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dennismoore replied on at Permalink Reply
I've been trying to track down why the Express Entity Page Attribute select list is blank. Not sure if that's the same thing you're describing.

I noticed that in going from 8.5.1 -> 8.5.3, the form at concrete/attributes/express/form.php went from directly running $entrySelector->selectEntry to being wrapped in an if block.

if (isset($entity, $entry) && $entity instanceof Entity && $entry instanceof Entry) {
    echo $entrySelector->selectEntry($entity, $this->field('value'), $entry);

The controller at concrete/attributes/express/controller.php ln:46 sets $entry = null and for a newly added attribute with no attribute value set, the if block of the form is never run. Using an empty Entry object makes the attribute select list work as expected, though doing that may be wrong for some other reason.

public function form()
        $entry = null;
      $entry = new \Concrete\Core\Entity\Express\Entry();